The Healing Hands of Hanni


Hanni Todd, a gipsy orphan had a great gift for  healing animals. The local animal doctor feared Hanni would take away all his customers, and had forced her to go into an orphanage where Hanni pined for her freedom. Mistress Crow, the matron of the orphanage, over-worked and under-fed the children, and used the orphanage funds for herself. One day Hanni was sent to treat a horse that  belonged to Sir Oliver Christy, a man of great influence. She decided that if she could cure the horse, and earn Sir Oliver’s gratitude, she would tell Sir Oliver what was going on at the orphanage.

healing hands of hanni



  • The Healing Hands of Hanni – Mandy: #467 (27 December 1975) – #480 (27 March 1976)


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