The Trouble with Emmeline


Nicky Jones is delighted to receive a Victorian doll named Emmeline for her 13th birthday. Then Nicky realises Emmeline is evil and causing accidents around the place, but cannot convince her parents.

Eventually, Nicky discovers Emmeline had been sent to her by mistake; there was confusion with an elderly Miss Jones. When Nicky takes Emmeline to the correct address, she discovers Miss Jones has a male Victorian doll, Emmeline’s partner. Once the dolls are reunited, Emmeline is at peace and the trouble ceases. Emmeline


  • Artist: Len Potts


  • The Trouble with Emmeline –  Mandy:  #471 (24 January 1976) – #484 (24 April 1976)


6 thoughts on “The Trouble with Emmeline

  1. I can’t believe that I’ve actually stumbled upon someone online who’s familiar with these comics…

    I remember reading the story “The Trouble With Emmeline” and I had every episode EXCEPT the very last one. The one before last finished with the Jones Family noticing that there was a “Brook Road” in addition to “Brook Street” and Nicky, upon researching, finding out that there was an elderly Miss Jones in hospital for whom the doll had apparently been intended and who had been giving to her by mistake.

    Could you let me know how it ends? I had sort of made up my own ending in my head but would still be thrilled if I could know the actual ending…:)Thanks for your help!

    1. It is one of those unfortunate gaps in my collection too, I have issues 483 and 485, Ill see if anyone else can help out with the ending.

    2. I remember the end to this story. Emmeline had accidentally sent to young Miss Nicky Jones instead of elderly Miss Jones .Nicky
      visited elderly Miss Jones with Emmeline and discovered elderly Miss Jones had a male Victorian doll.Reunited with her partner, Emmelines facial expression changed and her troubles were over.Nicky was delighted to hand Emmeline over to elderly Miss Jones

      1. Not to mention very relieved to hand Emmeline over. Thank you for the information. It will be most appreciated.

      2. Wow, thanks so much for this information! Actually, it makes sense because the elderly lady to whom Nicky had tried to sell Emmeline some issues back mentioned that the dolls usually came in boy-girl pairs…
        I thought that perhaps Emmeline was the host of the spirit of elderly Miss Jones’ daughter who had maybe been killed in an accident and was waiting to be reunited with her mother to “make her peace” with the world…:-)
        Anyway, thanks again!

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