Wonder Girl!


Miss Harriet Dene, a renowned woman scientist, has brought up a girl known only as J. Smith on a remote island in the Hebrides in an experiment to make her a perfect specimen, both physically and mentally. Deciding “Jay” is ready, Miss Dene takes her to the mainland to put her to the test with a barrage of practical tests.

Wonder Girlwonder girl M71



  • Wonder Girl! – Mandy: circa #107 (1 February 1969) – (?)
  • Wonder Girl! in The Caves of Yesterday – Mandy: #127 (21 June 1969) – (?)
  • Wonder Girl!  Mandy:  #479 (20 March 1976) – #494 (03 July 1976)

Other Appearances:

  • Wonder Girl! – Mandy Annual 1971


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