Lucy’s Legacy


Lucy Dewhurst has been living in a children’s home since her parents’ deaths. She has been left with a huge legacy, but wants to be fostered for herself, not her money. However, each prospective foster family fails because of her legacy.



  • Lucy’s Legacy –  Bunty: #2064 (02 August 1997) – #2072 (27 September 1997)

4 thoughts on “Lucy’s Legacy

    1. In the last episode Lucy saves the ball of a girl in a wheelchair (Rosie) from rolling into a pond. She stays and plays ball with her but does not tell them she lives in an orphanage. She returns to the orphanage. However, she forgot her notebook with her address on it. They return it and they take Lucy with them to the zoo. Rosie’s parents decide to foster Lucy. Lucy loved it there but kept quiet about her money. Then she overhears Rosie’s parents talking about Rosie being able to walk again with an operation. She volunteers to pay for it but finds out they have insurance to pay for it. They tell Lucy that they had known about her legacy all the time but that was her business and nothing to do with them. They tell her that they want her to stay and that she was one of the family. Rosie ends up walking again and Lucy ‘s dream came true, and she has a family of her own.

  1. I don’t know, but if it was anything like Mandy’s “Alison’s Uncles”, Lucy eventually decides to just stay in the children’s home.

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