Lydia and the Little People (1970)


When Lydia Logan finds the Land of the Little People, they do not allow her to go home. They make her their prisoner and slave for them, and she is constantly trying to find ways to escape.


  • Artist: George Parlett


  • Lydia and the Little People –  Bunty: #661 (September 12 1970) – #667 (October 24 1970).

Other Appearances

  • Bunty Summer Special 1971
  • Bunty Summer Special 1972
  • Bunty Summer Special 1973
  • Bunty Annual 1972
  • Bunty Annual 1973
  • Bunty Annual 1974
  • Bunty Annual 1975

11 thoughts on “Lydia and the Little People (1970)

      1. Yes, I believe it did, and I remember reading somewhere that it ran sometime during 1970, which is consistent with the dates of the Annual/Special stories. George Parlett did quite a lot for Bunty around that time – he did “A Bed Called Fred” and “Sally on the Spot”, both of which were running in March 1970. However Lydia isn’t in any of the half dozen Buntys which I have for that year, so I can’t be more precise about the date.

          1. ‘Sally On The Spot’ ran in BUNTY 624 (December 27 1969) – 635 (March 14 1970).

          2. Sorry, if you’re going to do an entry on the series, you might also like to know what the series is about! Here’s the introductory text, which probably says all that’s needed:

            “Sally Jones was a girl who liked to know what was going on. Her curiosity often landed her right on the spot where interesting events were taking place.”

  1. The brief serial ‘Lydia And The Little People’ ran in BUNTY 661 (September 12 1970) – 667 (October 24 1970).

    1. Funny it only had a few episodes but scored annual and summer special appearances. Thanks for the info.

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