Marsha the Perfect Schoolgirl


Marsha Zenon is an alien from outer space who has been sent to Plunkett Academy to study humanity. She is unpopular at first because her knowledge is encyclopaedic, but the girls like her better as she learns to be more human.


  • Artist: Mike White


  • Marsha the Perfect Schoolgirl–  Bunty: #795 (7 April 1973) – #807 (30 June 1973)

9 thoughts on “Marsha the Perfect Schoolgirl

  1. Is this right??

    I’m no expert, but assuming the Spanish reprint of this story is “Marita” on the right hand side of the page, I would have said that this was definitely Mike White’s work. The style is also quite different from the artwork for “Monica” on the left, which does look like Comos. Have the reprint publishers EAGZA got this wrong?

    Also, I don’t remember ever seeing any work done by Comos for Bunty, or any other DCT title.

    What do other people think?

    1. Si leen la historieta, podrán comprobar que el nombre del autor aparece en varias páginas, en la parte superior izquierda. Yo no me he inventado nada.

      1. The only part of the EAGZA publications of these comics that I’ve been able to see is the pages linked above. These show Comos’ name at the upper left of the page in the extract from “Monica”, but not in that from “Marita”. I’m sure you have not invented anything, but I still think the artist for “Marita” looks like Mike White. As Bunty did not give credits for artists, could you please tell us what was your source for the credit given to Rodrigo Comos for “Marita”?

  2. ‘Marsha The Perfect Schoolgirl’ appeared in BUNTY 795 (April 7th 1973) – 807 (June 30th 1973).

  3. Está acreditado en las páginas 4, 12, 18, 24, 30 y 36 de la compilación… por supuesto la revista Jana de la editorial Sarpe podía estar equivocada.

    1. La verdad, EAGZA, es que nunca he oido hablar de la revista JANA, ni de la Editorial Sarpe tampoco, asi que si tiene tiempo suficiente quiere Vd describir por favor bastante precisamente las diferencias que usted ha descubierto en la presentacion en espanol de ‘Marsha The Perfect Schoolgirl’ en JANA, en comparacion con la misma en ingles, y tambien, si Vd se acuerda, el titulo exacto en espanol. Le ruego que me perdone la falta de los acentos que normalmente se usarian en las frases que he escrito arriba, pero no hay ningunos en mi ordenador de sobremesa.

    2. Thank you. I assume then that your source was the 1983 reprint by Jana included in this compilation. If so, it seems that the editorial staff of Jana believed that the artist was Comos. However, unless this was based on an artist’s credit made at the time of the original publication of the story, a signature on the artwork, or confirmation from the artist himself, it was presumably a matter of judgment based on the style of the art. In this instance, with all respect to the expertise of Jana’s staff, my personal opinion is that they made a mistake in attributing the story to Comos.

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