Too Many Cooks


Kathy Cook is an only child who wishes she could see more of her other relations in Barchester. It looks like her wish has come true when her dad gets a transfer to Barchester, where they will be near their family at last. But Kathy begins to have second thoughts once she sees the problems that come with it.


  • Photo story


  • Too Many Cooks –  Bunty: – #2117 (8 August 1998) – #2121 (5 September 1998)

2 thoughts on “Too Many Cooks

  1. There was an older version called Too Many Cookes in the 1960s, so probably not the same story at all. It was quite ahead of its time, I remember, with a family of children wondering around, their house had been condemned and they were in poverty. I think the baby in the pram was called Billy and there were some twins called Elvis and Elvira. Anyone else remember it?

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