Emma Comic [1978-1979]

Emma stories split by category

Again this is very subjective and I’m sure other people would place stories in different categories.  I also felt as there was only 44 stories, any more than ten categories would end up splitting things up to much and not give an overall picture. For example the story Goldie – Little Dog Lost could be considered as an Animal story as it is about a girl’s search for her dog, but as the dog doesn’t actually feature much, with it mostly showing the girl having to search through war torn London, I decided to place it under Adventure. I did also consider having a separate category for World War II but again like stated above I decided to keep things simpler. Also as I focused on serials with ongoing plots, I didn’t mention the gag/humour strips previously but I have listed them on the end here.

Adventure [8 Stories – 18%]

  • Angie
  • Goldie – Little Dog Lost (WWII)
  • Kitty and the Crooked Myles
  • Make Me a Champion!
  • Nobody’s Child
  • Teech an’ Me
  • The White Mouse (WWII)
  • Viva Marisa!

Sport & Dance [8 stories – 18%]

  • A Girl Called Sam
  • Belinda Born to Skate
  • Little Miss Spitfire
  • Molly and her Millettes
  • Skate-Cat Kate
  • Sue Spiker
  • The Secret Life of Dana
  • Wynne Against the School

Family [5 Stories – 11%]

  • Blue Eyes
  • Daddy’s Pet
  • Plain Jane
  • The Rebel
  • They Laughed at Linda

Animal [4 stories – 9%]

  • Jodie and the Otter
  • Lucy and Lightning
  • Red Fur
  • The Dog Next Door

Career [4 Stories – 9%]

  • Holly of Hazard Unit
  • Janie Jungle Nurse
  • Stunt Girl
  • The Emma Report

Science Fiction [4 stories – 9%]

  • Kay Rules…Ok?
  • Nola – Girl From Nowhere
  • Pam on the Purple Planet
  • Sally and Selina the Space-Trekkers

Friendships [3 stories – 7%] (this includes false friendships too)

  • Beware of Beryl!
  • Disco Talk
  • The Loner

Historical [3 stories – 7%] (stories set before World War II)

  • Lady Sarah’s Secret
  • Little Nipper
  • Yang Ling

Mystery [3 stories – 7%]

  • House of Fear
  • Lynne Against Lareno
  • No Joy for Jenny

Supernatural [2 stories – 5%]

  • Carrie – and the Conroy Curse
  • The Power Over Paula


Gag/Humour Strips

  • Stoopid
  • Tessa
  • TV Mad

7 thoughts on “Emma Comic [1978-1979]

  1. I don’t think it’s a good sign when a new comic starts reprints from older comics. It’s an indication that the comic is in trouble and cutting costs.

    1. Certainly not good to be over reliant on reprints, but it seemed to be a common practice for DCT to reprint stories around every 7 years, as presumably there should be a new readership at that stage. For example there is Mandy comic I have from 1977 that has at least 3 stories that appeared earlier.

          1. Yes those two, do seem like they would have been perfect for reprint. Thinking about it now there wasn’t many war stories in the later years (like in the 90s) maybe that’s why they missed their chance for reprint.

            Suzy seemed to be forgotten for potential reprints, the only one I can think of is the Ninth Nightmare appeared in Nikki.

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