Bunty Annual 1999

Picture Stories

  • The Comp  (Pages: 5-9)  [Artist Peter Wilkes]
  • Fear of the Future  (Pages: 19-25)  [Artist John Armstrong]
  • Love Thy Neighbour  (Pages: 28-31) [Artist Peter Wilkes]
  • Bunty – A Girl Like You  (Page: 32)  [Artist Andy Tew]
  • Who’s Next Door?  (Pages: 43-49)  [Artist Julio Bosch]
  • Prefect’s Pet  (Pages: 53-59)  [Artist Andy Tew]
  • Bunty – A Girl Like You  (Page: 65)  [Artist Andy Tew]
  • The Four Marys  (Pages: 71-75)  [Artist Jim Eldridge]
  • The Comp  (Pages: 77-81)  [Artist Peter Wilkes]
  • Girls Talking (Page: 84)
  • Penny’s Place  (Pages: 91-95)  [Artist Guy Peeters]
  • Bugsy  (Page: 96)
  • Lizzie’s New Life  (Pages: 100-107)  [Artist Don Walker]
  • Pretend Friends  (Pages: 112-116)
  • The Four Marys (Pages: 122-125)  [Artist Jim Eldridge]

Text Stories

  • Carly’s Crowd!  (Pages: 18)  [Artist Peter Wilkes]
  • Ben (Pages: 42) [Artist Claude Berridge]

Photo Stories

  • Computer Crazy  (Pages: 11-15)
  • Gabby’s Own Goal (Pages: 34-39)
  • Sammi’s Stars  (Pages: 60-63)
  • Christmas Past  (Pages: 85-90)
  • No Christmas for Carol (Pages: 117-121)


  • Merry Christmas…  (Pages: 2-3)
  • Table of Contents  (Page: 4)
  • What’s Cookin’? Easter Yummies  (Pages: 10)
  • Abracadabra  (Pages: 16-17)
  • Do Not Disturb!  (Pages: 26-27, 66-67, 98-99)
  • Make Your Own…Snowstorm!  (Page: 33)
  • Pet Pin-Up (Pages: 40, 64, 111)
  • Top Dogs  (Pages: 41)
  • Flower Power!  (Pages: 50-51)
  • Summer Specials Party Foods for inside or out!  (Page: 52)
  • Telly Mission!  (Pages: 68-69)
  • Autumn Apple Surprise (Page: 70)
  • Ha-Ha-Happy Christmas (Page: 76)
  • Green Scene  (Pages: 82-83)
  • What’s Cookin’?  Christmas Crackers  (Page: 97)
  • Great Grandma’s Sweet Shop Secrets, (Pages: 109-110)
  • …And a Happy New Year!  (Pages: 126-127)

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6 thoughts on “Bunty Annual 1999

  1. More artist names:

    • The Comp (Pages: 5-9) [Artist Peter Wilkes]
    • Fear of the Future (Pages: 19-25) [Artist John Armstrong]
    • Love Thy Neighbour (Pages: 28-31) [Artist Peter Wilkes]
    • Bunty – A Girl Like You (Page: 32) [Artist Andy Tew]
    • Who’s Next Door? (Pages: 43-49) [Artist Julio Bosch]
    • Prefect’s Pet (Pages: 53-59) [Artist Andy Tew]
    • Bunty – A Girl Like You (Page: 65) [Artist Andy Tew]
    • The Four Marys (Pages: 71-75) [Artist Jim Eldridge]
    • The Comp (Pages: 77-81) [Artist Peter Wilkes]
    • Penny’s Place (Pages: 91-95) [Artist Guy Peeters]
    • Lizzie’s New Life (Pages: 100-107) [Artist Don Walker]
    • The Four Marys (Pages: 122-125) [Artist Jim Eldridge]

    Text Stories

     Carly’s Crowd! (Pages: 18) [Artist Peter Wilkes]
     Ben (Pages: 42) [Artist Claude Berridge]

  2. I originally received this annual for Christmas 1998 when I was 11 probably because my mum read Bunty when she was 9 – 11 and she wanted to give me a taster of the comic. In early 1999, my mum bought me the actual comic.

    10 years ago, I repurchased this annual from eBay and it was as good as I remembered despite the Sammi’s Stars photo story seeming outdated due to Spice Girls posters with Geri being visible and she left the group the same year the annual was published. I would also like to point out that in the introductory caption of Lizzie’s New Life, it says she has brothers and sisters. While she has 2 brothers, she only has one sister. Since I repurchased this annual. I have gone through phases of buying other Bunty annuals, comics and picture story libraries from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

    1. It is a nice thing to pass along, my mum was also reader of these comics, and she bought them for me and my sister. While they are no longer around, I did recently get a Twinkle annual for my daughter who is nearly 4 and its her favourite book at the moment. It’s a testament to these stories that they still resonate throughout generations.

      1. They still resonate throughout the generations…makes me all the sadder that there are no more of these titles around or new ones coming out.

      2. It’s lovely that you bought your daughter an old Twinkle annual Lorraine. The only Twinkle annual I have is the 1995 one because although I never had that annual when I was a kid, I can vaguely remember reading a summer special from around that time. I also have a few Twinkle magazines from 1994.

        1. I still have some of the old Twinkle annuals at my parents house, hopefully we will be able to go visit this summer and can bring them back for my daughter.
          I remember one story from the annual that had a fairy who lived in a house made of sweets but she was tired of eating sweets and then she met a fairy that lived in a fruit house so the swapped some of their food.

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