Broken Hearts


A series of short stories, each had an individual title. It would start each story asking the question “Ever suffered from a broken heart? It can happen in a lot of ways.” Some of the stories included: a girl’s jealousy of her sister causes an accident, a girl gets the part in a play stolen from her, a girl’s dog dies after she has to move away and a girl is tricked into thinking a boy she likes wants to go on a date with her.


  • When the series started in Suzy, it was a photo story, after the merger with Bunty it became a picture story.
  • It did appear in a Bunty annual as a photo story.
  • Art: Mario Capaldi


  • Broken Hearts (photo story) – Suzy: #246 (23 May 1987) – #249 (13 June 1987)
  • Broken Hearts – Bunty & Suzy: #1536 (20 June 1987) – #1542 (1 August 1987)
  • Broken Hearts – Bunty: #1627 (18 March 1989) – #1633 (29 April 1989)

Other Appearances:

  • Second Fiddle Sarah  (photo story)  – Bunty Annual 1991

6 thoughts on “Broken Hearts

  1. What an irony. When Broken Hearts moved to Bunty it had to change from photo story to picture story because Bunty was not being printed on the type of newsprint for photo stories. A few months later she was using that type of newsprint, but Broken Hearts had long since stopped.

  2. “A broken heart can happen in a lot of ways” but in the strip they seem to happen in two ways: 1) being betrayed or 2) falling foul of dirty tricks. I recall one story where a girl got her heart broken through regretting not showing her mother more consideration, but was this more an exception?

    1. Oh, it looks like hearts got broken in other ways too on this strip. But getting betrayed or falling foul of rotten tricks were very common ways to get broken hearts in the strip.

  3. The ‘Broken Hearts’ series that started in the first BUNTY & SUZY 1536 (June 20 1987), ended in 1542 (August 1 1987), still BUNTY & SUZY at that point. The title of that final story was ‘A Question Of Trust’. The series is replaced by either ‘Little Miss Lonely’ or “Stay Away From My Mum!” in 1543, the final BUNTY & SUZY before SUZY is dropped from the title.

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