Broken Hearts


A series of short stories, each had an individual title. It would start each story asking the question “Ever suffered from a broken heart? It can happen in a lot of ways.” Some of the stories included: a girl’s jealousy of her sister causes an accident, a girl gets the part in a play stolen from her, a girl’s dog dies after she has to move away and a girl is tricked into thinking a boy she likes wants to go on a date with her.


  • The Suzy stories, were photo stories
  • Art: Mario Capaldi


  • Broken Hearts (photo story) – Suzy: #246 (23 May 1987) – #249 (13 June 1987)
  • Broken Hearts – Bunty & Suzy: #1536 (20 June 1987) – (?)
  • Broken Hearts – Bunty: #1627 (18 March 1989) – #1633 (29 April 1989)

Other Appearances:

  • Second Fiddle Sarah  (photo story)  – Bunty Annual 1991

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