Hard Times for Hatty (1978)


In 1840, Hatty Clifton is abducted by a pair of swindlers, the Rackhams, while visiting London with her parents. After the parents are fooled into thinking Hatty has died in a drowning accident, the Rackhams force her into helping with their fraudulent sideshows and games of chance at fairgrounds. Hatty’s attempts to escape are proving unsuccessful, and when she gets badly injured on the high wire the Rackhams refuse to get medical attention for her. However, Hatty manages to get the doctor in, who begins to suspect what’s going on. He starts making enquiries with the police and Hatty’s parents.


  • Artist: Terry Aspin
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Moelijke tijden voor Betty” – Debbie #34 (1983).


  • Hard Times for Hatty – Debbie: #291 (9 September 1978) –  #299 (4 November 1978)


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