Supergirl [1977]


When Susie Sullivan is badly injured in a road accident, the scientist responsible for her accident rebuilds her as a bionic girl, with bionic legs, one bionic arm and one bionic eye. Susie goes into secret service for the government, with her cover being that she has remained crippled from the accident. Her crutch is a disguised radio transmitter for contacting HQ.


Artist: Douglas Perry


  • Supergirl – Bunty: #1011 (May 28 1977) – #1028 (September 24 1977)

Other Appearances:

  • Supergirl – Bunty Annual 1979
  • Supergirl – Bunty Annual 1981


7 thoughts on “Supergirl [1977]

  1. Susie sounds more powerful than the bionic woman herself. She can run at 100mph, the bionic woman 60mph. Susie can jump 50 feet, while the max for bionic woman is 30 feet, up or down. In “Kill Oscar” part 1, Jamie damages her bionic legs when she is forced to take a bionic jump that is over the maximum. It would be interesting to have some indication of how the bionic arms compare in strength.

  2. Thanks for adding this! As I said in a comment on another post, I’m pretty sure Susie reappeared at some point in the late 80s or early 90s in a plot involving a schoolteacher who was really a spy!

    1. I think the late 1980s-early 1990s unlikely because the bionic shows had been off for some years and allusions to them had become dated. If this reappearance did occur, it must have been much earlier.

      1. The late 80s and early 90s was the era when I read Judy, Mandy and/or Bunty. I did also pick up some older annuals at jumble sales but I do have a quite distinct memory of following a “bionic girl” storyline in one of the weekly papers as it came out.

        Even without familiarity with the “bionic” TV shows (I remember not really being sure what “bionic” meant but figuring it out, at least approximately, from the context) it was still possible to understand that the character had some kind of super-powers. If I remember correctly, there also seemed to be some humorous ‘bionic’ stories around in the 80s, either in the girls’ papers or in the Beano and/or Dandy which I read when I was younger.

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