The Power over Patti [1978]


Promising tennis player Patti Parker has a problem: she can’t bear the thought of people losing to her, so she deliberately lets them win. Then she falls into the power of Isadora Glenn and the racket that belonged to her half-sister, Sylvia Radford, a tennis player who died tragically. Whenever Patti plays with the racket, she turns into a ruthless, vicious tennis player who is capable of anything against those who interfere with her on the tennis court. This makes Patti a lot of enemies, and people begin to say she is acting just like Sylvia Radford. Patti’s coach, Jane Marsh, begins to suspect what is going on, and then finds out that Sylvia had dabbled in voodoo. Realising Jane’s suspicions, Isadora tries to get rid of her.


  • This story was labelled a Spellbound story.


  • The Power over Patti – Debbie: #273 (6 May 1978) – #284 (22 July 1978)


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