Cathy Must Dance [1978]


When Cathy Rainer’s mother dies her father sends her to ‘live in’ at Madame Sonia’s Ballet School. But a fellow pupil, Jane Dixon, gets jealous of Cathy and starts playing dirty tricks on her. Cathy soon realises what Jane is up to but does not know what to do about it as Jane has made sure Madame does not believe her.

Cathy returns (in Mandy & Debbie) after securing a place with the Minchester Majestic Ballet Company. Again she has the bad luck of a girl, Zoe, taking an instant dislike to her.


  • The character has a sequel in the merged Mandy and Debbie comic, though the Debbie title on the cover would only last a few more issues.


  • Cathy Must Dance – Debbie: #295 (7 October  1978) – #321 (7 April  1979). No installment in #313 or #320
  • Cathy Must Dance – Mandy and Debbie: #857 (18 June 1983) – (?)

One thought on “Cathy Must Dance [1978]

  1. Cathy Must Dance runs in DEBBIE 295 (October 7 1978) – 321 (April 7 1979). No instalment in 320 (March 31 1979) despite its being trailered at the end of 319, probably making way for the first instalment of either The Pride Of Penrhos or Victoria Jones And The Black Cat Boutique, both of which debuted in 320.

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