Keep Away from Kathy


Kathy Burton and her mother has moved house after her father had left them. Kathy had found it easy to make new friends but her mother so far had disapproved of all of them.


  • Photo story


  • Keep Away from Kathy  – Suzy: #106 (15 September 1984) – #113 (3 November 1984)

One thought on “Keep Away from Kathy

  1. According to my notebook, I do have all those issues, but they are in the lock-up in Penzance. When Russ brings them here, I will be able to comment, but in house I only have issues 1 to 86 of SUZY, with some gaps. I am, however, on record as stating that I hate photo stories. I’m not overly enamoured even of drawn picture stories because they all impinge on my ability to imagine how the characters look. In the text stories I can do that without hindrance, based on the writers’ descriptions, so don’t be expecting any glowing praise for ‘Keep Away From Kathy’, although if the story has any merit, I will acknowledge it.

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