Nightingales of Nile Street


Four girls – Debbie, Sian, Jemima and Jane – were first year student nurses at Nile Street general hospital and had become firm friends, though they came from very different backgrounds. The girls were delighted when the discovered the nickname for first year students – Nightingales.


  • Photo story


  • Nightingales of Nile Street – Suzy: #55 (24 September 1983) – #63 (19 November 1983)

6 thoughts on “Nightingales of Nile Street

  1. And full stop needed at the end.

    Interesting though, using the photostory for a nursing story. I wonder how well the nursing came off in photostory format?

  2. Just to dispel any uncertainty, this serial has the title ‘Nightingales Of Nile Street” not ‘Nightingales On Nile Street’, which might just carry the unfortunate impression that they are ladies of the night rather than student nurses.

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