No Friends for Fran


Sally Lenton had just moved to the village of Hollybrook. Whilst exploring, she went to the grounds of Denby house and spotted an unhappy girl at the window. She found out the girl was Fran Halliday and her mother kept her a prisoner because she was afraid Fran may catch a dreadful disease and die like her elder sister did. Mrs Halliday agreed Sally could be friends with Fran on the condition she could not ever leave Denby house, as she didn’t want her to bring any germs in. With the help of Mrs Gill the housekeeper, Sally sneaks back to her mother and with her agreement, she goes back to Fran to stay for the school holidays.


  • Art: Terry Aspin


  • No Friends for Fran – Suzy: #84 (14 April 1984) – #93 (16 June 1984)

2 thoughts on “No Friends for Fran

  1. As I recall, the mother’s stupidity leads to her unwittingly setting fire to the house when she burns material that she idiotically thinks is contagious to Fran, but a stray burning piece escapes the stove. An aunt, who had tried to reason with her before, snidely tells her she really has disinfected the place!

    1. That’s right Sally had sneaked Fran out and her mother wanted to burn the clothes she wears out, and she nearly burns them all with the house, they are lucky to escape!

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