No Fun for Fiona


Fiona Kerr’s parents were very strict and disapproved of modern teenagers. Fiona was not allowed live the sort of carefree life most of her friends did, and while they were sympathetic, she usually found herself left out of things.


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  • No Fun for Fiona – Suzy: #69 (31 December 1983) – #73 (28 January 1984)

One thought on “No Fun for Fiona

  1. I remember one episode where Mum allows Fiona on a school trip only on condition she stays with the teacher every single minute. Worse, she makes this demand to the teacher right in front of the whole class instead of speaking to the teacher quietly, and poor Fiona is so embarrassed. When Fiona tries to speak to her mother over how she humiliated her in class, Mum just angrily sends Fiona to her room for impudence.

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