The Secret of the Ice Maiden


Crystal Starr had the strange ability to project freezing power from her fingertips! She made friends with Gwen Jackson, whose parents had recently opened a small cafe—but Crystal suspected they had a secret enemy in Joe Hardman, a local business man.


  • Writer: Marion Turner (under pen-name: Fiona Turner)
  • Script submitted had the title The Ice Maiden but was changed to The Secret of the Ice Maiden for publication.


  • The Secret of the Ice Maiden – Tracy: #16 (19 January 1980) – #31 (3 May 1980)

One thought on “The Secret of the Ice Maiden

  1. Tammy had a story called “Crystal Who Came in from the Cold”, which was also about a girl named Crystal who had a freezing power. This power she had no control over and it followed her around everywhere.

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