The Truth About Goldie


After a dream holiday in the sun, Goldie Henderson’s dreams turned to nightmares when she lost all her lovely hair in a mystery illness and was forced to wear a wig. Trying to hide the truth about her misfortune led to increasing problems at school. Only at home with her parents, could she feel completely relaxed



  • The Truth About Goldie – Tracy: #96 (1 August 1981) – #105 (3 October 1981)

One thought on “The Truth About Goldie

  1. In “The Queen’s Hair” from Misty, a queen has the same problem, but it’s turned her into a tyrant who treats her subjects cruelly because she blames them for her hair loss. A spell gives her new hair, but she does not take the chance it gives her to change her attitude. Plus she reneges on the bargain she made with the spell caster. And so her lovely new set of hair turns into her downfall and liberation for her subjects.

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