Jill’s Two Genies


Jill Johnson found a strange old bottle and in it lived two genies, Moona and Fatima. They promised to serve Jill, but the problem was they could never agree on anything.



  • Jill’s Two Genies – Tracy: #165 (27 November 1982) – #176 (12 February 1983)

7 thoughts on “Jill’s Two Genies

  1. So which is it, ‘agree’ or ‘seem to agree’? If the latter, surely the sentence in ‘Plot’ needs to be modified. I can’t advise as I’ve never read the story.

    1. The plot has already been revised before your comment, so I’m not sure if you are referring to the summary before I changed it? In any case should be clearer now.

  2. Coming in late to this story, and bearing in mind your comment that you had revised the ‘Plot’ summary before I made my comment, I am still puzzled by your sentence, “Yes, missed an important word!”. The ‘Plot’, as it stands now, makes sense, but when you agreed with Mistyfan’s comment, and said “Yes, missed an important word!”, are you not referring to the two words ‘seem’ and ‘to’, both of which have been removed from your ‘Plot’?

    1. “never” was the word I forgot, so it should have read “never seem to agree” then when I revised it, “seem to” didn’t seem necessary, so I removed it. I was confused by your comment as I’d already corrected my mistake, but I see now the problem was with the comments.

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