Misty Short Stories III: Witches

5: Revenge of the Little Old Ladies

Miss Cassidy’s Cat

Misty: #50

Artist: Isidre Mones

Jilly Dukes persecutes Mrs Cassidy’s cat, Lucifer. When Mrs Cassidy finds out, she takes revenge by shrinking Jilly. Well, Jilly did get a hint when Mrs Cassidy told her how old women used to be persecuted as witches for keeping cats.

Mrs Rossiter’s Cats

Misty: #5

Artist: Carlos Guirado

Mary Baxter regularly visits old Mrs Rossiter, who has a lot of cats. Mary thinks it is strange how Mrs Baxter always seems to have new ones all the time. The school bullies call Mrs Rossiter a witch, and say she has a reputation for it around the town. They steal the cakes Mary was bringing to her and then they smash her windows. Mrs Rossiter tells Mary she really is a witch and turns the bullies into cats. So now we know where all those cats come from.

The Revenge of Granny Godber

Misty: #41

Artist: Blas Gallego

Four girls bully Granny Godber in the street and wreck her shopping. Granny Godber goes into her garden and picks four flowers. As she does so, the bullies feel excruciating pain in their legs. Later their faces wither like flowers in a vase – which is where the flowers are now. The bullies scream that Granny Godber is behind it and she’s a witch. Their accusations are not taken seriously. In the last panel Granny Godber breaks the fourth wall with the following warning:


Talk about Grey Power. Here we have three Misty stories where girls bully little old ladies, but they pick on the wrong little old ladies. These little old ladies have the power to strike back. These little old ladies are not evil or malicious, as superstitious witch-hunting types would believe. They only used their powers when bullies assaulted them. They may have the powers, but they, not their victims, are ones who have our sympathy, because the victims brought the trouble on themselves with bullying/cruel behaviour. If these little old ladies were left alone, they would leave you alone.

2 thoughts on “Misty Short Stories III: Witches

  1. Nice list. For the bullying theme, there was also the story, where a girl invites class mates to her birthday, then all that bully her disappear as she blows out each candle. One candle is left and she gives that to the girl who was nice to her. Can’t remember is witch term was used, but clearly she had some powers!

    1. I omitted that story, “Happy Birthday, Spooky Sue!”, from the discussion. I’ve added a note explaining why.

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