Misty Short Stories VIII: Ghosts

4: Dangerous Returns

When a ghost returns from beyond the grave, it often spells trouble for the living. This is certainly the case with these ghosts, either because they were downright evil in life or fostered unhealthy obsessions. On occasion they might administer a Misty comeuppance, but this was more in spite of themselves.

Aunt Mary’s Blessing

Misty: #21

Artist: Uncertain

Already discussed in Misty Short Stories III: Witches, but will be repeated here.

Dying – and creepy – Aunt Mary tells Melody that she has Romany powers, which include precognition, and Melody is to inherit the art. Melody does not want any part of it. After her death, Aunt Mary appears as a ghost to Melody and tells her where to find the box that contains her inheritance. Sensing what is happening, Mum gives Melody a crucifix for protection but a teacher confiscates it. Aunt Mary draws Melody to her house and directs her to dig up a box, which contains a hand. As the hand touches Mary left hand, it crumbles into dust, and Aunt Mary tells Melody she will not see her again. Later, Melody has a premonition that her hospitalised father will be okay, but inwardly adds, while looking at her left hand: “But will I?”

Hard Harry’s Last Game…

Misty: #36

Artist: Carlos Guirado

“Hard” Harry Stone, an escaped convict, is hiding under a pier and waiting for his accomplice to pick him up. Children wake him and lure him into their game of follow-my-leader. He plays along in case the children report him although he finds it a bit embarrassing, especially as he’s supposed to be a hardened convict with a violent record. Their game of follow-my-leader traps him in quicksand, which has claimed the children’s lives over the years. They say it’s been a long time since they snared a grownup; it’s kids who usually play along.

The Governess

Misty: #79

Artist: Jesus Redondo

Reprint: Misty Souvenir Special 2009

Mary Connaught is employed as a governess for Audrey. She is surprised one night to see Audrey meeting a strange woman in the woods, but Audrey denies it. Then Audrey locks Mary in a dungeon. Mary’s predecessor, also locked in the dungeon, explains that Audrey does this with all her new governesses because she only wants one governess: Miss Phelps. She can’t understand how or why, as Miss Phelps died six months ago. They do not realise Miss Phelps has returned as a ghost and she is the mystery figure Audrey meets in the woods.

Catch Me If You Can…

Misty: #69

Artist: Jose Ariza

Reprint: Best of Misty Monthly #8

Jilly Green takes a short cut through a wood and meets Vicky, who teases her: “Catch me if you can!” Jilly does get home, but goes back to the wood when she finds Vicky is not at school. She discovers Vicky is a ghost who keeps chasing her: “I’ll catch you if I can!”

5: Ghost Helpers

Not all ghosts intend to scare or terrorise the living. Girls’ comics had plenty of stories about ghosts returning to help people. Misty was no exception, despite her high emphasis on Goth and horror.


Misty: #15

Artist: Mario Capaldi

Blind Polly comes and sits in the theatre for free every week. She is company for the owner Mr Mobely, who always gives her flowers and tells her stories about ghosts said to haunt the theatre. He also tells her about a magician named Leonardo Gant, who performed years ago; Polly says there is no such thing as magic, but might change her mind if she could see again. One Sunday Mr Mobeley finds Polly in the theatre when there is no show, and realises she is watching a ghostly performance of Leonardo Gant. Gant gives Polly back her sight and she says she believes in magic again.

The Smile of an Angel…

Misty: #36

Artist: Blas Gallego

Jenny Shaw’s scuba club are looking for a wreck. A ghostly figure called Angel warns her off, saying too many have perished trying to find her ship and its treasures, and now she wants peace from that. On the final day of the search Jenny looks again and finds the wreck, but her leg gets trapped and she realises this is what Angel meant. The figurehead falls and frees her. Jenny recognises the figurehead as the spirit she saw. She agrees to leave it in peace and not tell the exploration about the discovery.

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  1. Nice list. “The Disembodied” is a standout for me, helped of course with that great John Richardson art.

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