Judy 1963

Picture Stories

  • Backstage Betty   (Pages: 6-11)
  • Katie and the Whale  (Pages:12-16)
  • Julie at the Winter Palace  (Pages: 18-22)
  • Bobtail the Beach Rescue   (Pages: 23-28)
  • Baby Ballerina Growing Up   (Pages: 29-32)
  • Butterfly Belle and the Troublesome Trophy  (Pages: 38- 43)
  • Anne Reynolds Growing Up  (Pages: 44-48)
  • Nanette of the North   (Pages: 57-61)
  • Anya at Ballet School  (Pages: 65-71)
  • Marisa and the Doves  (Pages: 74-80)
  • Primrose Cumming Growing Up  (Pages: 87-89)
  • The Wee Robin’s Secret  (Pages: 91-95)
  • Cherry on Top (Pages: 102-108)
  • Patricia Pauley Growing Up  (Pages: 109-112)
  • Anna Junior Miss  (Pages: 114-117)
  • Sandra and the Sad Star  (Pages: 118-125)

Text Stories

  • Petra the Party Maker  (Pages: 33-36)
  • Lucky Stars for Stella   (Pages: 49-52)
  • Nobody Wants Dixie  (Pages: 81-85)
  • Too Wild to Ride  (Pages: 97-99)
  • Adventure for Ann  (Pages: 113)


  • Stories: Roses  (Pages: 2-3, 126-127)
  • Judy for Girls (Gillian Shand & Louis Godrey – stars of ballet)      (Pages: 4-5)
  • Dancing with Madeleine and Geoffrey  (Pages: 17)
  • Milly and Tilly Go Camping  [Puzzles]  (Pages: 37)
  • Let’s Go to Drama School  (Pages: 53-56)
  • Fencing for Fun  (Pages: 62-63)
  • Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be?  (Pages: 64)
  • Mary Lou and Softy Sue  (Pages: 72)
  • The Miracle (Pages: 73)
  • Little Runaway  (Pages: 86)
  • Milly and Tilly in Europe  [Puzzles]  (Pages: 90)
  • Hat-Mad  (Pages: 96)
  • Lovely to Look at  (Pages: 100-101)

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2 thoughts on “Judy 1963

    1. I’m just adding to catalogue, for people’s information, the content of the annual. I’ve added pictures that will also help identify stories quickly.

      I’ve had a few enquiries about stories from annuals, so this should make it easier for people to find it. This isn’t a new thing, under the annual tab I have many annuals that just list content, what is new is adding the pictures as before I just listed contents.

      Annuals take a long time to write a post about, but I hope I’ll get around to all of them at some point, though that is an ambitious project!

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