Gem Series


Series of short stories involving gems. Including:

Grandmother’s Sapphire

When Pam’s Grandmother’s sapphire ring is stolen, she tells Pam the story of how her grandfather proposed, giving her the sapphire ring and the happy life they had, even when they lost things in depression and World War. They loved each other very much. In the end the police finds the young thief and return the ring, which is actually a fake! Gran always knew it wasn’t real but it was valuable to her because it showed how romantic her husband was and seizing his chances.

Pearls Beyond Price

In the past, in Arabia, a poor young girl Jasmin was crying by a tree because her mother was ill. She wished her tears were pearls, so she could sell them and save her mother. A kind genie overheard her and made her wish come true. Unfortunately the king’s guards find her and think she is a thief they bring her to him, and when he sees what she can do, he won’t let her leave, so he can have all the pearls himself. At first he brings her mother but she is so happy that her mother is cured and they have food that she doesn’t cry anymore. So then he imprisons her in the dungeon. Then the King falls ill, his heart turning to stone and only real tears of compassion can cure him, none of his subjects cry for him. Jasmin does feel compassion for him saying he could have been a good man, if his parents hadn’t been killed. But the pearl tears cannot help himm. They go back to the tree and Jasmin asks for her gift to be taken away, she is then able to save the King and he becomes a kinder leader.


  • Each story had an individual title
  • Various artists


  • Gem Series – Debbie: #235 – #245 (22 October 1977)

List of Stories

  • The Kingsborough Diamond – Debbie: #235
  • A Jewel of Great Price – Debbie: #236
  • The Star of Barovskia – Debbie: #237
  • The Eye of Nepal – Debbie: #238
  • Grandmother’s Sapphire – Debbie: #239
  • The Stone of Truth – Debbie: #240
  • The Emerald – Debbie: #241
  • Pearls Beyond Price – Debbie: #242
  • The Gems of Mercy – Debbie: #243
  • The Tredwin Pendant – Debbie: #244
  • Black Jasper – Debbie: #245

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