Tara’s Terrible Voice


Tara couldn’t sing but was helping her sister Lyn, who needed to win six singing trophies before the end of the year, so she could inherit her late singing teacher’s country cottage for her family.


  • Photo story


  • Tara’s Terrible Voice – Debbie: #506 (23 October 1982) – #509 (13 November 1982)

3 thoughts on “Tara’s Terrible Voice

  1. I remember this one. Poor Tara loves singing although she herself admits she has a voice like “a strangled crow”. Despite this, it seems she does make her mark on singing.

    1. Yes I don’t have last issue but if I’m remembering correctly Tara wins a trophy for being the worst at singing (or something like that) and it ends up counting towards the inheritance rules.

  2. I don’t have the final instalment either, Lorraine. I must say though that in my opinion photo stories only looked enticing if presented on glossy paper, therefore I don’t find ‘Tara’s Terrible Voice’ at all attractive, unlike drawn stories such as ‘Lisa – The Lonely Ballerina’, ‘No Rest For Rosie’, ‘Animal Nurse’ and ‘Mary Brown’s Schooldays’, just examples these as all of them, like ‘Tara’s Terrible Voice’, are running in DEBBIE 507 (October 30 1987), the issue I have just pulled out from my collection in order to write this post.

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