Bunty Annual 1967

Picture Stories

  • The Little Gondolier (Pages: 6-11) [Artist: Emilio Frejo?]
  • The Party Dress (Pages: 13-16)
  • The Four Marys (Pages: 18-23) [Artist: James Walker]
  • Fan-Fan and her Friends (Page 28)
  • Hill-Billie Harriet (Pages: 29-32) [Artist: Mike White]
  • The Girl with Red Hair (Pages: 35-46)
  • Humpy Dumpy (Pages: 49-54) [Artist: George Parlett]
  • The Chippendale Chair (Pages: 59-64)
  • Moira Kent in The Island of Dancers (Pages: 65-70) [Artist: Peter Kay]
  • Hairdresser on Wheels (Pages: 72-75)
  • The Ride of the May Queen (Pages: 76-80) [Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones]
  • Toots (Page 81) [Artist: Bill Ritchie]
  • Danger Girl (Pages: 82-87) [Artist: Robert MacGillivray]
  • The Gift (Pages: 90-95) [Artist: Charles Paine]
  • Myrtle the Mermaid (Pages: 97-102) [Artist: A E Allen]
  • The Ring from the River (Pages: 103-107) [Artist: E C Julien]
  • The Silver Key (Pages: 109-112) [Artist: Charles Morgan]
  • The Song from Heaven (Pages: 113-117) [Artist: Peter Kay]
  • Angel with the Broken Wing (Pages: 118-124)

Text Stories

  • Very Important Person (Pages: 24-27)
  • Carol of the Corner Shop (Pages: 56-58)
  • Jan’s Best Birthday (Pages: 88-89)


  • [Untitled poem by Pat Watson] (Page 12)
  • How to Make:
    • Polly the Pelican (Page 17)
    • The Cotton-Reel Kid (Page 33)
    • Jeremy the Giraffe (Page 55)
    • Dixie the Pixie (Page 71)
    • Celia the Swan (Page 96)
    • Your Own Zoo (Page 108)
  • Food for Thought (Page 34)
  • The Go-Girl (Page 47)
  • [Untitled poem by Pat Watson] (Page 48)
  • Swinging in the Rain (Page 125)


* Thanks to Goof for information and cover picture

2 thoughts on “Bunty Annual 1967

    1. Not sure whether you’re asking about the Bunty Annuals or the Bunty weekly comics.

      About a third of the annuals had this feature, and they are shown in the contents listings for the annuals on this website – usually called “Bunty’s Cut-Out Wardrobe”. Page numbers are also shown.

      They also featured in the weekly comics from around 1961 to 1987, although with some long gaps. A lot of these were printed on the back page of the comic.

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