Bunty Annual 2007

Picture Stories

  • The Comp [two parts] (Pages: 21-25, 79-84) [Artist: Peter Wilkes]
  • The Four Marys (Pages: 27-31) [Artist: Jim Eldridge]
    • Reprinted from Bunty Annual 1995
  • The Riddle of Rumpold Silken (Pages: 36-43) [Artist: Eduardo Feito]
  • Girl Zone (Pages: 54, 108) [Artist: Andy Tew]
  • It’s Magic! (Pages: 69-73) [Artist: Guy Peeters]
    • Reprinted from Mandy Annual 1995 “Holiday Magic”
  • The Snowman! (Pages: 99-105) [Artist: Douglas Perry]
    • Reprinted from Bunty Annual 1998 “The Sad Snowman”
  • The Four Marys (Pages: 113-117) [Artist: Jim Eldridge]
    • Reprinted from Bunty Annual 1998

Text Stories

  • Trapped! (Pages: 50-51) [Artist: Dale Simpson]
  • Tiger! (Pages: 76-77) [Artist: Dale Simpson]

Photo Stories

  • Perfect Match (Pages: 7-13)
    • Remake of “Missing You” from Hi! Annual 1992
  • Ashamed! (Pages: 59-63)
    • Remake of “Ashamed to Say…”  from Hi! Annual 1992
  • Number’s Up! (Pages: 89-95)
  • Friendly Relations? (Pages: 121-125)


  • Posing Penguins (Pages: 2-3)
  • Starscope! (Page 5)
  • Cuddle Up! (Page 6)
  • North v South (Pages: 14-15, 52-53, 74-75)
  • Wild Watch! (Pages: 16-19)
  • Looking Good (Page 20)
  • Starstruck! (Pages: 26, 55, 85, 112)
  • Girl Power! (Page 32)
  • Once Upon a Time! (Pages: 33-35)
  • Get Busy! (Pages: 44-45)
  • Cool Colours! (Pages: 46-49)
  • Square Eyes! (Pages: 56-57)
  • Square Eyes! 2 (Page 58)
  • What’s That You’re Saying? (Pages: 64-65)
  • Puzzles! (Pages: 66-67)
  • Boy Power! (Page 68)
  • Which Animal are You? (Page78)
  • Animal Crackers! (Pages: 86-88)
  • Get Puzzling! (Pages: 96-97)
  • Chill Out! (Page 98)
  • Fit ‘n’ Festive! (Pages: 106-107)
  • Merry Christmas! (Page 109)
  • Make It! (Pages: 118-119)
  • All the Answers (Page 120)
  • Posing Puffins (Pages: 126-127)

* Thanks to Goof for information and picture

4 thoughts on “Bunty Annual 2007

  1. I have both this annual and the Hi! 1992 annual. I noticed that Perfect Match could be a remake of Missing You in Hi! 1992 while Ashamed! could be a remake of Ashamed to Say… in Hi! 1992. It seems rather unusual for a Bunty annual to supposedly have photo story remakes from a Hi! annual because I am more used to seeing reprints and remakes from the likes of Mandy, Judy and other Bunty annuals in Bunty annuals. I think the aforementioned Hi! 1992 photo stories were allegedly remade for Bunty 2007 annual because Bunty and Hi! were both published by DCT.

    1. I may have had one Hi! annual at some point but otherwise not familiar with its content. It is possible that they reused stories from it, like they reworked “boys comics” stories with girl protagonists.

      1. I also have the Hi! 1990 and 1991 annuals as well as the 1991 summer special. Even though I never read the magazine when it was originally published because I was very young, I was intrigued to see what the annuals were like when I saw an ad for the Hi! 1990 annual alongside other 1990 girls’ annuals in my Bunty comics from 1989 when I bought them from eBay about 9 or 10 years ago.

        You made an interesting point about stories with girl protagonists being reworking of stories with boy protagonists, Lorraine. One example I can remember you mentioning elsewhere on this site is Spring-Heeled Jill being the female counterpart of Spring-Heeled Jackson.

        1. Yes another famous one is “The Truth about Valda” based on “The Truth about Wilson” from the Wizard. There were plenty of ideas reworked for stories.

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