Diana Annual 1976

Picture Stories

  • Sam and Something Called a Stately Home!  (Pages: 6-11) [Art: Norman Lee]
  • The Love Locket (Pages: 15-22 ) [Art: David Matysiak]
  • Love in Bloom – story without words (Page: 23)
  • Sad September (Pages: 26-32) [Art: Jordi Franch]
  • Jo and Co (Pages: 37-42) [Art: Brian Delaney]
  • Olé! We’re Away or a touch of Marjorcan Magic (Pages: 46)
  • The Manovitch Experiment (Pages: 49-57 ) [Art: Enrique Badia Romera]
  • The Handsome Lad from Old Baghdad (Pages: 67-72)  [Art: George Martin]
  • The Long Lonely Night (Pages: 76-80)
  • The Friday Rocking-Horse (Pages: 82-85) [Art: Shirley Tourret?]
  • Polly Private Eye (Pages: 87-94)  [Art: Jesus Redondo Roman]
  • Skeletons in the Cupboard (Man in Black story) (Pages: 104-110) [Art: David Matysiak]
  • France is Where Her Heart Lies (Pages: 115-121) [Art: Tony Hudson]


Text Stories

  • Twas the Night Before Christmas (Pages: 24-25) [Writer: Valerie Edwards]
  • The Case of the Harassed Heiress (Pages: 34-35,43,66, 111) [Art: Mari L’Anson]
  • Dear Sir (Pages:44-45) [Art: Tony Hudson?]
  • Bea’s Year (Pages: 48,95)
  • I Love you, Bobby Denton (Pages: 61-62)
  • Just Justin & Me (Page:75)
  • Keep Your feet in the Sawdust & a Smile on Your Face (Pages: 122-124) [Writer: Celia Harcourt]


  • Inside Cover Picture (Pages: 2-3, 126-127) [Art: David Matysiak]
  • Herb Beauty  (Pages:12-13) [Art: Mari L’Anson]
  • Special Day Specialities  (Page: 14)
  • Looking for Luck (Page: 36)
  • Like a Movie (poem) (Page 43) [by Lee Delaney]
  • Sorry, Wrong Show (Pages; 47)
  • Know-How a helpful quiz for you (Pages: 58-59)
  • It’s in the Bag (Page: 60)
  • Sit Tight Sit Bright (Page: 63)
  • TV or not TV game (Pages: 64-65)
  • Pony Express(ions) (Pages: 62, 66, 101, 114)
  • A Touch of Class (Pages: 74-75)
  • A Cracker of a Cross-word (Pages: 81)
  • Ve Vill Ask the Questions (Page: 86)
  • Especially for You (Pages: 96-97, 100)
  • You and Your Yuletide (Page: 99)
  • Marlyn’s (Chain)Mailbag (Page: 102-103)
  • Whats Yours? (Pages: 112-113) [Art: Mari L’Anson]
  • To Top it All! (Page: 114)

Pop photos/pictures/pin ups

  • David Essex (Page: 33)
  • Alvin Stardust (Page: 73)
  • Gary Glitter (Page: 98)
  • Bay City Rollers (Page: 125)


*Thanks to Helen Fay for information

2 thoughts on “Diana Annual 1976

  1. While I was having a clear out I found a couple of late Diana Annuals which I didn’t think I had. I can offer a few more suggested artist names for this year:

    Picture Stories:
    The Friday Rocking-Horse [Art: Shirley Tourret?]
    France is Where Her Heart Lies [Art: Tony Hudson]

    Text Stories:
    The Case of the Harrassed Heiress [Art: Mari L’Anson]
    Dear Sir [Art: Tony Hudson?]

    Herb Beauty [Art: Mari L’Anson]
    What’s Yours? [Art: Mari L’Anson]

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