Diana Annual 1983

Picture Stories

  • Sam in search of Romance  (Pages: 6-15) [Art: Norman Lee]
  • To Kill a Queen (Pages: 20-28, 114-121) [Art: Rossend Franch?]
  • It’s a Cat’s Life!  (Pages: 33-39) [Art: Juan Solé Puyal]
  • Green Grows the Ivy – a man in black story (Pages: 51- 58) [Art: David Matysiak]
  • The Medusa Mission (Pages: 71-80) [Art: Ken Houghton]
  • The Tadcaster Twins  (Pages: 81-91) [Art: Brian Delaney]
  • Man-Trap!  (Pages: 99-106)

Text Stories

  • The Emerald Ring (Page: 18-20) [Writer: Valerie Edwards, Art: David Matysiak]
  • A Handful of Dreams (Pages: 44-46)


  • Taylor- Ed for the Top (Page: 16)
  • Toyah poster (Page:17)
  • Kitty Bitty  (Page: 29)
  • 5-4-3-2-1 Adam and the Ants!  (Pages: 30-31)
  • I’m Forever Blowing…  (Page:32)
  • Rocking in the Isles (Pages: 40-41)
  • Looks Like a Winner  (Page:42-43)
  • Keep Your Cool!  (Page: 47) [Art: David Matysiak]
  • What’s in a Name?  (Page: 48)
  • Goldie Hawn  (Page: 49-50)
  • The Jam poster (Page: 59)
  • Penny-Wise Surprise  (Page: 60-61)
  • 5-4-3-2-1 Buck’s Fizz!  (Pages: 62-63)
  • Eye’s Right! (Page: 64-65 )[By Jane Smith]
  • Madness  poster (Page: 66-67)
  • Wish I Was There! (Page: 68) [By Jane McFie]
  • Christopher Reeve  (Pages:69-70)
  • Have a Happy Holiday  (Page: 92-93)
  • 5-4-3-2-1 Stray Cats!  (Pages: 94-95)
  • Danger – Men (and Women) at Work! (Page: 96)
  • Jane Fonda  (Pages: 97-98)
  • You and Your Hue  (Pages: 107-109)
  • 5-4-3-2-1 Dollar!  (Pages: 110-111)
  • Robert De Niro  (Pages: 112-113)
  • Anne Other Deirdre (Pages: 122-123)  [by M.J. Smith]
  • 5-4-3-2-1 Shakin’ Stevens!  (Pages: 124-125)

2 thoughts on “Diana Annual 1983

  1. A couple more artist names:

    It’s a Cat’s Life! [Art: Juan Solé Puyal]
    The Medusa Mission [Art: Ken Houghton]
    The Tadcaster Twins [Art: Brian Delaney]

    And here’s another one which is rather speculative:

    To Kill a Queen [Art: Rossend Franch?]

    Rossend Franch Cubells was Jordi Franch’s brother. Deskartes Mil has no list of UK work for him, but does note that he worked for DCT via Bardon agency around the same time as Jordi. It also says that when Jordi died in 1980, Rossend finished the final UK serial that he had been doing for Girl. From such examples as I’ve been able to find, Rossend’s style was similar to Jordi’s, but rougher and less stylish.

    The later Diana annuals used a largely fixed roster of artists, and Jordi Franch had a regular berth doing mainly historical romances. After he died, another artist working in a very similar but less polished style took over this slot. I think there is a reasonable chance that this was Rossend.

    Another story in the same style which may also be his work is “Anna’s Story” in the 1982 Annual. “Black Wedding Day” in the same annual is another possible but more doubtful.

    1. Thanks Goof.

      It seems there was a couple of art brother duos that makes it hard to distinguish styles. I never heard of Rossend Franch, interesting information on how he may have taken over from some of his brothers regular work

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