Bunty Holiday Special 2000

Picture Stories

  • The Comp (Pages: 11-14) [Art: Peter Wilkes]
  • Scared! (Pages: 16-18)
  • Girls Talking (Page 22)
  • Penny’s Place (Pages: 31-33) [Art: Guy Peeters]
  • Girl Zone (Page 36) [Art: Andy Tew]
  • The Four Marys (Pages: 45-47) [Art: Jim Eldridge]

Text Stories

  • It Happened to Me… (Page 10)

Photo Stories

  • Smile, Please! (Pages: 3-5)
  • Shivers! (Pages: 37-40)


  • Festival Fun! (Pages: 6-7)
  • Get Packing! (Pages: 8-9)
  • Show Time Swirl (Page 15)
  • Shades of Summer (Pages: 19-21)
  • S Club 7 Poster (Pages: 23, 26)
  • Cat Poster (Pages: 24-25)
  • On the Beach (Page 27)
  • Ice Girl! (Pages: 28-29)
  • Cool! (Page 30)
  • On Safari (Pages: 34-35)
  • Your Summer Stars (Page 41)
  • Puzzle Time! (Pages: 42-43)
  • Welcome To… (Page 44)
  • Britney Spears Poster (Page 48)

*Thanks to Goof for the information and cover picture

9 thoughts on “Bunty Holiday Special 2000

  1. I would love to get hold a copy of this magazine (Bunty Sunner Special 2000.) My daugher is the girl featured in the Ice girls as she was asked to do a photo shoot at a local ice cream factory. Her Grandpop was really proud of her and passed away the following year. We had a copy but it was lost during a house move

    1. The summer specials especially the later ones are hard to get hold of. Sometimes they may pop up on ebay. I assume the feature is Ice-girl (pages 28-29), I don’t own a copy myself but maybe Goof who supplied the information would be able to scan those pages for you?

    2. Lynda, I have done a scan of the Ice Girl feature and Lorrsadmin has kindly agreed to email it to you, so you should have it shortly. As Lorrsadmin says, your best bet for a copy of the magazine is to keep an eye out on eBay.

      1. Hello Lynda I have just come across a copy of this magazine when sorting out some old books. You are welcome to have it.kind regards Linda

        1. Hello Linda, Thank you so much, Both myself and my daughter are thrilled!!! I got the message from Lorrsadmin yesterday and am so pleased to have found a copy. Lorrsadmin is forwarding me email address to you I believe so you can contact me let me know the cost etc and I can let you have my address. Much love and grateful thanks again. Lyn

      2. Hello Goof, I just got the message from Lorrsadmin. Thank you so much. I am thrilled to see the pictures again. Just messaged my daughter and she is thrilled too. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Colin, I don’t sell any comics on this site, just for information purposes only. Usually Ebay,30thcentury comics or facebook groups is where is good to get these comics online.

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