Necklace of the Sun


At Stonehenge, 2,000 BC, Mora is chosen as high priestess and set to wear the Necklace of the Sun. However, the daughter of the last high priestess gets jealous and summons OTYS, mistress of murder (who appears as a black cat) to kill Mora before she puts on the Necklace of the Sun. To save her, the gods help Mora escape to 1982, where she keeps trying to find the necklace and escape from OTYS. After eventually finding the necklace she dons it and heads back to her own time to become high priestess. OTYS’s punishment is is to be meek and gentle.



  • Necklace of the Sun – Bunty: #1250 (26 December 1981) – #1267 (24 April 1982)


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