My Father – My Jailer


Ellie Roberts, after having led a secluded life with her father on a remote farm in the Welsh mountains, was suddenly thrust into the turmoil of London. She had discovered a strange attraction in table tennis, her amazing thought-reading abilities enabling her to anticipate an opponent’s tactics. Her father became obsessed with her career, entering her for the National Junior Championships. She was kidnapped by a woman publisher who claimed to be her mother, but, after Ellie had been photographed for a magazine, she discovered that the woman had lied to her!



  • My Father – My Jailer – Judy: #519 (20 December 1969) – #525 (31 January 1970)

2 thoughts on “My Father – My Jailer

  1. I only have #519, but the artist in that number doesn’t look like Charles Morgan to me. An artist I’ve not seen before, and can’t identify.

    1. Yes I’d noted it as possibility when looking at it first, some scenes reminded me of Second Best Babs from Bunty but looking closer I believe you are correct that it is a different artist.

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