Runaway Wanda


Wanda Carlsson, a pupil at a Danish ballet school, vowed never to dance again after a dancing accident which she wrongly believed had crippled her friend, Ingrid Larsson. When she took a job in London as an au pair girl with the Bentley family, Mr Bentley found out her secret, and by telling her that Ingrid had died, forced her into agreeing to dance in a ballet contest to win publicity for his wife’s failing ballet school. He took her to see “Swan Lake”, where she met her former ballet mistress, Miss Eriksson, now, on holiday in London. Panic-stricken, Wanda fled from the theatre.


  • Art: Bert Hill


  • Runaway Wanda Judy: #866 (14 August 1976) – #874 (9 October 1976)

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