A short panel humour strip about a girl named Beryl who is a wiz at computers. It ran for a short time and appeared at the end of the letters page.


  • Art: Steve Bright
  • Appeared sporadically from Bunty #1397 until #1434


  • Computakid – First Appearance: Bunty: #1397 (20 October 1984)

3 thoughts on “Computakid

  1. Interesting that this appeared as desktop computers were just coming in. We were on the old DOS contraptions back then and data was stored on floppies.

  2. “Computakid” first appears in Bunty #1397 (October 20, 1984). It appears on and off for several issues. The last appearance I can find is Bunty #1434 (July 6, 1985).

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