Danger Island


Grace, Simon and Tansy Rutherford, while out sailing from an adventure  centre inWales, were hit by a freak storm and blown many miles off course. They beached their damaged dinghy on a deserted island and sheltered for the night in one of the empty houses. Next morning they were spotted by a fishing boat—which deliberately turned and left without picking them up. Then they saw a notice-board with a sinister message – “Danger do not land. Island used for germ warfare experiments in 1940. Deadly virus may still be active.”  While the nearby villagers decided it was safer not to tell anyone and risk them bringing children and the virus back to mainland, tough at least one person drops supplies to them.


  • Art: Don Walker


  • Danger Island – Judy: #1313 (9 March 1985) – #1319 (20 April 1985)

4 thoughts on “Danger Island

  1. Thank you for this. I was intrigued to know more about the serial that replaced one of my favourites, “Hard Times for Helen”.

    I imagine that the story ended with everyone realising the virus was no longer a threat, seeing as the girls didn’t catch it. Is that correct?

    1. Yes, I believe the virus was inactive and someone that had gone to island a few years prior and died, had actually died from other causes but it spurred on the villages superstition.

  2. I have this issue. The virus was still active. Tansy catches the virus. They don’t know why she caught it but the other two did not as they had all eaten the same food and stayed in the same places. They found out that Tansy hated a sage they had been eating and threw the leaves of it out of her stew that she was eating. They feed her some and she gets better. They release the sage is the antidote to the virus. They then take a raft back to the mainland, but foreign agents are after them to find out why they did not catch the virus. They are saved by the Royal Marines. Scientists made a powerful extract from the sage-type plant and sprayed the entire island with it. This killed off the virus and Danger Island becomes a happy holiday isle.

    1. Thanks for details Ronnie, I don’t have the last issue on hand, so must misremembered details or mixed it up with another story, I could have sworn there was plot point that some guy that died previously on island had had an accident rather than dying of virus like everyone believed. Shouldn’t always trust memory though!

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