Vera and the Voice


During the Second World War, young Vera Kendal had a very important job. She helped the British Secret Service by reporting radio messages from a secret agent in France code-named Taurus. Vera using code name White Knight, used an old crystal wireless set she found in the attic and because of her super sensitive hearing, she was the only one able to pick up the messages from Taurus.



  • Vera and the Voice – Mandy: #267 (26 February 1972) – #278 (13 May 1972)

3 thoughts on “Vera and the Voice

  1. I remember this! The first episode has Vera and her family heading towards an air raid shelter (brick surface type?) when she looks back and sees an incendiary bomb has hit the family house. She goes back (brave twelve year old!) to deal with the bomb and presumably finds the crystal set at this point. The final episode has her meeting White Knight who is understandably grateful that someone could hear his messages.

  2. Apologies – I’ve just grasped that Vera was White Knight! So she met whoever was the agent sending the messages.

  3. It was Vera’s birthday. Her father comes home on leave and brings home a friend who wanted to meet her. It was Taurus (the agent), so she had the best birthday ever.

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