Traitor’s War (1991)

Published: Commando #2472 (1991), reprinted Commando #4085 (2008) Artists: Janek Matysiak (story); Ron Brown (cover) Writer: Alan Hemus Many names of the artists in girls’ comics are now very familiar to us, such as John Armstrong, Mario Capaldi, Douglas Perry, Veronica Weir, Maria Dembilio and Norman Lee. But what about their offspring? How many of … Continue reading Traitor’s War (1991)

Bunty Holiday Special 1998

Picture Stories The Comp (Pages: 7-10) [Art: Peter Wilkes] Bugsy (Page 14) Girls Talking (Page 14) Home and Away (Pages: 15-17) [Art: Eduardo Feito] It’s a Dog’s Life! (Pages: 20-22) Penny’s Place (Pages: 27-29) [Art: Guy Peeters] Wish You Were Here? (Pages: 38-39) [Art: Andy Tew] The Four Marys (Pages: 43-46) [Art: Jim Eldridge] Bunty … Continue reading Bunty Holiday Special 1998

Bunty Annual 2000

Picture Stories The Comp [two parts] (Pages: 13-18, 87-92) [Artist: Peter Wilkes] Girl Zone (Pages: 19, 74-75, 98) [Artist: Andy Tew] The Four Marys (Pages: 22-26) [Artist: Jim Eldridge] Bugsy (Pages: 36-37) Girls Talking (Pages: 38, 86) Creepy Creatures (Pages: 39-43) [Artist: Carlos Freixas] Room 13 (Pages: 56-60) [Artist: John Armstrong] Fay’s Future (Pages: 61-65) … Continue reading Bunty Annual 2000

Mandy Annual 1999

Picture Stories Playing the Part [8 parts] (Pages: 17-19, 30-32, 49-51, 62-64, 71-73, 78-80, 97-99, 110-112) [Art: Ron Lumsden] Caught in the Act (Pages: 22-27) [Art: Julio Bosch] Penny’s Place (Pages: 38-44) [Art: Guy Peeters] Drummer Boy (Pages: 54-59) [Art: Julio Bosch] Horse Laughs (Pages: 60-61, 109) St Andrew’s Secret (Pages: 65-70) Sweet Sisters (Pages: … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1999

Judy 1990

Picture Stories The Christmas Spirit (Pages: 4-9) [Art: Andrew Wilson] Home Cooking (Pages: 11-15) [Art: John Armstrong] Judy & Co. (Pages: 16) [Art: Norman Lee] “I’ll Tell Him…Later!” (Pages: 17-21) [Art: Claude Berridge] Girls Who Wear Glasses… (Pages: 24-27) [Art: Bert Hill] Pepper the Pony (Pages: 28) Bobby Dazzler (Pages: 29-32) [Art: Giorgio Letteri] Lost … Continue reading Judy 1990

Misty Short Stories X: Mythical Creatures and Legends

In the tenth instalment of themed discussions on Misty short stories, we look at how Misty portrayed mythical creatures and legends. Vampires and werewolves are excluded because Misty did so many of them it would make the entry too long. Maybe at some point they will have their own Misty Short Stories entries. There are … Continue reading Misty Short Stories X: Mythical Creatures and Legends

Tammy & Jinty Special 2019

The eagerly awaited Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 has arrived! Since acquiring the IPC back catalogue, Rebellion has been steadily releasing reprints of old favourites and also seem eager to try out some new material for these characters too. We’ve already had horror and humour specials, and is nice to see girls comics getting attention … Continue reading Tammy & Jinty Special 2019

Misty Short Stories VIII: Ghosts

In our eighth volume on Misty short stories we turn to the subject of ghosts, which, predictably, is huge. Owing to the expanse of the subject, there will be no individual thoughts for each story. However, the stories will be grouped into subthemes in accordance with the role the ghost served in the story, and … Continue reading Misty Short Stories VIII: Ghosts