The Power of Eve Black [1986]

The Power of Eve Black – Nikki: #73 (12 July 1986)- #83 (20 September 1986) Artist: Carlos Freixas Plot  At the Marie Watt Boarding School, everyone was quite surprised when the Headmistress, Miss Bennett, appointed new pupil Eve Black, as the 2B class captain. This is particularly concerning as she is a bully and menace to … Continue reading The Power of Eve Black [1986]

Bad Luck Barbara (1985) / Witch! (1991)

“Bad Luck Barbara” from Mandy and “Witch!” from Bunty share the same premise, and also so many similarities and common threads that I am looking at them both together. In fact, I suspect it was the same writer. The two stories were published only six years apart, which makes it even more feasible. Both stories … Continue reading Bad Luck Barbara (1985) / Witch! (1991)

Scream! (1997)

Mandy Picture Library #272 Published: 1997 Cover: Peter Wilkes? Writer: Anne Bulcraig “Scream!” takes a complete break from the usual pattern of girls’ picture libraries. Instead of being one complete story it is a collection of five shorter-length stories, and they are all spooky, creepy stories. Unsavoury girls get their comeuppances while other girls get … Continue reading Scream! (1997)

Maureen Hartley – Writing for DCT Girls’ Comics

Maureen Hartley has kindly written a piece about her experiences writing picture stories and working for DCT. A list of stories she wrote can be found on the next page. Quick Link: Story list    WRITING   FOR   THE   D.C. Thomson   GIRLS’   COMICS I first started writing picture script stories in 1968.   I  had several … Continue reading Maureen Hartley – Writing for DCT Girls’ Comics

School of Shadows (1995)

Bunty Picture Library: #393 Published: 1995 Artist: Carlos Freixas Plot The pupils of Ratcliffe Park Boarding School are temporarily relocated to Ratcliffe Manor when their school needs repairs because of structural damage from flooding. There are whispers from a couple of pupils, Emma and Mags, that the manor is haunted. Sarah and Sally, the protagonists … Continue reading School of Shadows (1995)