Amy Beckett Says… [1993]

Amy Beckett Says… –  M&J:  #104 (8 May 1993) – #112 (10 July 1993) Artist: Guy Peeters Plot After a bulldozer accidentally knocks against the the old entrance archway of the school, friends Fay Davis and Karen Green, notice some strange things happening. Fay feels an eerie chill when passing the entrance way and then … Continue reading Amy Beckett Says… [1993]

Skeleton Corner

Hallowe’en Story – Judy: #1555 (28 October 1989) The Girl From Further Down – Judy: #1607 (27 October 1990) Tales from Skeleton Corner – Judy: #1632 (20 April 1991) – #1635 (11 May 1991) Tales from Skeleton Corner –  M&J: #11 (27 July 1991) – #41 (22 February 1992) Skeleton Corner  – M&J:  #48 (11 April 1992) … Continue reading Skeleton Corner

Mandy Stories for Girls 1992

The Mandy annual was always very story focused, this is another annual with no features  or articles just text and picture stories. This is also one of the books I had when I was younger and read many times, so these stories have a special place for me, although I think they all hold up … Continue reading Mandy Stories for Girls 1992

Bunty Holiday Special 2000

Picture Stories The Comp (Pages: 11-14) [Art: Peter Wilkes] Scared! (Pages: 16-18) Girls Talking (Page 22) Penny’s Place (Pages: 31-33) [Art: Guy Peeters] Girl Zone (Page 36) [Art: Andy Tew] The Four Marys (Pages: 45-47) [Art: Jim Eldridge] Text Stories It Happened to Me… (Page 10) Photo Stories Smile, Please! (Pages: 3-5) Shivers! (Pages: 37-40) … Continue reading Bunty Holiday Special 2000

Bunty Holiday Special 1999

Picture Stories The Four Marys (Pages: 9-11) [Art: Jim Eldridge] Bugsy (Page 16) Girls Talking (Page 16) Penny’s Place (Pages: 17-19) [Art: Guy Peeters] The Last Laugh! (Pages: 33-35) Girl Zone (Page 38) [Art: Andy Tew] The Comp (Pages: 44-47) [Art: Peter Wilkes] Text Stories Home Alone (Page 12) Carly’s Crowd! (Page 32) [Art: Peter … Continue reading Bunty Holiday Special 1999

Bunty Holiday Special 1998

Picture Stories The Comp (Pages: 7-10) [Art: Peter Wilkes] Bugsy (Page 14) Girls Talking (Page 14) Home and Away (Pages: 15-17) [Art: Eduardo Feito] It’s a Dog’s Life! (Pages: 20-22) Penny’s Place (Pages: 27-29) [Art: Guy Peeters] Wish You Were Here? (Pages: 38-39) [Art: Andy Tew] The Four Marys (Pages: 43-46) [Art: Jim Eldridge] Bunty … Continue reading Bunty Holiday Special 1998

Bunty Summer Special 1991

Picture Stories Bunty – A Girl Like You (Page 2) [Art: Andy Tew] The Four Marys (Pages: 3-8) [Art: Andy Tew] Pony School (Pages: 13-15) Haggis (Page 17) Monkey Business (Pages: 19-21) [Art: Andy Tew] Girl Talk (Page 21) Teacher’s Pet (Pages: 27-29) [Art: Guy Peeters] The Girl in White (Pages: 32-34) [Art: Bert Hill] … Continue reading Bunty Summer Special 1991

Mandy Annual 1991

Picture Stories A Warning for Wendy Who? (Pages: 4-6, 27-32, 65-79, 113-125) The Diary of Angel (Pages: 7-19) [Art: Dudley Wynne] Where’s Tammy? (Pages: 20-22) [Art: Andrew Wilson] I Can’t Stand My Sister! (Pages: 23-26) The Star in the Easts’ (Pages: 35-42) [Writer: Alison Christie, Art: Veronica Weir] May the Best Girl Win! (Pages: 44-48) … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1991