Bunty Annual 1977

Picture Stories Terry’s Cure for the Blues (Pages: 6-10) [Artist: Andy Tew] Jenny Laker – Record Breaker (Pages: 11-13) [Artist: A E Allen] Toots (Page 16) [Artist: Bill Ritchie] The Four Marys (Pages: 17-25) [Artist: James Walker] The Cheddar Mob (Pages: 29-32) Mad about Ballet (Pages: 33-37) [Artist: Diane Gabbott] Crash! Bang! It’s Laura Lang! … Continue reading Bunty Annual 1977

Bunty Annual 1974

Picture Stories Penny of the Pets’ Hotel (Pages: 6-10) [Artist: Charles Morgan] Lydia and the Little People (Pages: 14-16) [Artist: George Parlett] Jenny Proctor – Doll Doctor (Pages: 17-20) The Four Marys (Pages: 26-32) [Artist: James Walker] The Secret of Granny’s Chair (Pages: 33-36) [Artist: Peter Kay] Sally-on-the-Spot (Pages: 38-41) [Artist: George Parlett] Miss Merlin … Continue reading Bunty Annual 1974

Bunty Annual 1973

Picture Stories The Little Shrimp (Pages: 6-10) [Artist: Douglas Perry] Bella the Bookworm (Page 11) Superstitious Cindy (Page 17) “It’s a Dog’s Life” Says Inky (Pages: 18-22) [Artist: Jose Casanovas] Dopey Dora, School Governor (Pages: 28-32) [Artist: Charles Morgan] Lydia and the Little People (Pages: 33-37) [Artist: George Parlett] The Garden of Edie (Pages: 40-45) … Continue reading Bunty Annual 1973

Bunty Annual 1972

Picture Stories Tillie the Trend-Setter (Pages: 6-9) [Artist: Andy Tew] Rose Budd – Model Girl (Pages: 12-15) [Artist: Peter Kay] The Four Marys (Pages: 17-21) [Artist: James Walker] Bella the Bookworm (Pages: 22-23) Leave it to Lindy! (Pages: 26-30) [Artist: Jose Casanovas] High-Speed Pam! (Pages: 31-32) A Miracle for Millie (Pages: 37-40) Jenny Proctor – … Continue reading Bunty Annual 1972

Bunty Annual 1971

Picture Stories Rosie and the Orphan Thrushes (Pages: 6-9) [Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones] Square Peg (Pages: 12-16) [Artist: George Parlett] The Priceless Penny (Pages: 18-20) [Artist: John Woods] Tina the Tester (Pages: 24-25) [Artist: Diane Gabbott] Toots in Dreamland/Toots As She Really Is (Pages: 26-27) [Artist: Bill Ritchie] The Four Marys (Pages: 28-32) [Artist: James Walker] … Continue reading Bunty Annual 1971

Bunty Annual 1970

Picture Stories Willa the Wisp (Pages: 6-9) [Artist: Douglas Perry] Bianca’s Golden Gift (Pages: 12-15) [Artist: E C Julien] The Sparrows of Love Street (Pages: 20-24) [Artist: Charles Paine] Friend “Funny Face”! (Pages: 25-29) [Artist: Charles Morgan] My Dad – A Poem by Toots (Pages: 30-31) [Artist: Bill Ritchie] Square Peg (Pages: 34-38) [Artist: George … Continue reading Bunty Annual 1970

Bunty Annual 1968

Picture Stories The Star’s a Char! (Pages: 6-11) [Artist: Emilio Frejo?] Hairdresser on Wheels (Pages: 12-15) [Artist: Robert MacGillivray] Princess of the Keyboard (Pages: 18-23) Dora’s Donkeys (Pages: 29-32) [Artist: Mike White] Problem Girl (Pages: 34-40) [Artist: Diane Gabbot] Little Mum (Pages: 42-47) [Artist: A E Allen] The Four Marys (Pages: 49-53) [Artist: James Walker] … Continue reading Bunty Annual 1968

Bunty Annual 1967

Picture Stories The Little Gondolier (Pages: 6-11) [Artist: Emilio Frejo?] The Party Dress (Pages: 13-16) The Four Marys (Pages: 18-23) [Artist: James Walker] Fan-Fan and her Friends (Page 28) Hill-Billie Harriet (Pages: 29-32) [Artist: Mike White] The Girl with Red Hair (Pages: 35-46) Humpy Dumpy (Pages: 49-54) [Artist: George Parlett] The Chippendale Chair (Pages: 59-64) … Continue reading Bunty Annual 1967

Bunty Annual 1966

Picture Stories Wendy Round the World (Pages: 6-11) [Artist: E C Julien] Patsy the Pet-Sitter (Pages: 13-16) Babalu (Page 17) Hairdresser on Wheels (Pages: 20-23) The Flower Sculptress (Pages: 26-29) [Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones] Hope’s Hostel (Pages: 30-32) Alison – Action Model (Pages: 33-37) [Artist: Peter Kay] Debbie Lane – Student Nurse (Pages: 40-43) [Artist: Tony … Continue reading Bunty Annual 1966

Mandy Annual 1987

Picture Stories The Guardian Tree (Pages: 4-16) [Art: Hugh Thornton-Jones] Atlanta’s Tale (Pages: 19-23) [Art: Tom Hurst] The Delemere Diamonds (Pages: 24-31) [Art: David Matysiak] Mother Martin’s Recipe (Pages: 35-42) [Art: Guy Peeters] Angie’s Angel (Pages: 43-48) [Art: Wilf Street] Emma’s Umbrella (Pages: 49-53) [Art: Norman Lee] To Tell the Truth.. (Pages: 54-63) [Art: Ron … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1987