When the Clock Strikes Twelve

Plot  Since orphan Cindy Rollo went to stay with loving foster parents, she was over the moon with happiness. But past events convinced Cindy that she must never hear a clock strike 12 midnight, or like the story of Cinderella her happiness would disappear. Notes Writer: Alison Christie (Fitt) Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones Appeared When the … Continue reading When the Clock Strikes Twelve

Catch the Cat! [1980]

Published: #1148 (12 January 1980) – #1164 (03 May 1980) Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones Writer: Unknown Special thanks to Lorrsadmin and “Phoenix” for scans Plot (long) In Nazi-occupied France in World War II, Marie Bonnet is despised by her classmates, particularly her ex-friends Josee and Burnetta, for being friendly with the enemy. They do not realise … Continue reading Catch the Cat! [1980]

Lucky Charm #25: Catch the Cat! [1976]

Lucky Charm: #25 Reprinted from Bunty serial: Bunty: #926 (11 October 1975) – #955 (1 May 1976) Artists: Hugh Thornton-Jones (cover); Unknown (story) Special thanks to “Phoenix” for making this entry possible with photocopies Plot (long) In World War II, the Nazis have just defeated France. Marie Bonnet’s father is mayor of a small French … Continue reading Lucky Charm #25: Catch the Cat! [1976]

Dolwyn’s Dolls

Dolwyn’s Dolls–  Bunty:  #1287 (11 Sep. 1982) – #1291 (09 Oct. 1982) Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones Other Artists: David Matysiak, Norman Lee and Douglas Perry Plot Megan Dolwyn owns a small doll shop down a cobbled street. She entertains customers telling them stories about where the dolls come from, some are sad stories, some are mysterious, some have a good … Continue reading Dolwyn’s Dolls