Charlie’s Angel

Plot When Linda Lee’s father, Charlie, re-married, she discovered that her snooty new stepsister, Carol, was opposed to the match and was out to discredit Linda’s dad. Secretly, Linda became her father’s guardian angel and did all she could to prevent Carol from causing him trouble. Notes Art: Richard Neillands Appeared Charlie’s Angel – Judy: … Continue reading Charlie’s Angel

Mandy Annual 1988

Picture Stories Watch What You Tell Tina! (Pages: 4-13) [Art: Andrew Wilson] Striker Sue (Pages: 14-18) [Art: Tom Hurst] Once Upon a Time (Pages: 19-23) [Art: Wilf Street] Pie’s Promise (Pages: 24-32) Polly’s Perfect Mum (Pages: 35-39) The Long and Short of It! (Pages: 41-46) Valda and the Way of the Messenger (Pages: 49-61) [Art: … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1988

Mandy Annual 1985

Picture Stories Valda (Pages: 4-15) [Art: Dudley Wynne] Lucky’s Christmas Dinner (Pages: 17-22) [Art: Wilf Street] Home of Last Hopes (Pages: 28-32) [Art: Richard Neillands] Faith, Hope and Charity (Pages: 33-37) [Art: Claude Berridge] Mandy (A Story without Words) (Pages: 38, 96) [Art: Claude Berridge] “You’ll Never Believe This, But…” (Pages: 39-42) [Art: Leslie Branton] … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1985

Mandy Annual 1987

Picture Stories The Guardian Tree (Pages: 4-16) [Art: Hugh Thornton-Jones] Atlanta’s Tale (Pages: 19-23) [Art: Tom Hurst] The Delemere Diamonds (Pages: 24-31) [Art: David Matysiak] Mother Martin’s Recipe (Pages: 35-42) [Art: Guy Peeters] Angie’s Angel (Pages: 43-48) [Art: Wilf Street] Emma’s Umbrella (Pages: 49-53) [Art: Norman Lee] To Tell the Truth.. (Pages: 54-63) [Art: Ron … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1987

Mandy Annual 1984

Picture Stories Valda (Pages: 4-15) [Art: Dudley Wynne] Dilly the Daily (Pages: 17-20) [Art: Richard Neillands] The Princess and the Slave (Pages: 26-32) [Art: Tony Thewenetti] Mandy (page 33 and 113) [Art: Peter Kay] The Gift (Pages: 34-40) [Art: Keith Robson] Blue Moon Pink Stars (Pages: 42-47) [Art: Claude Berridge] The Letter (Pages: 52-59) [Art: … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1984

Mandy Annual 1972

Picture Stories Valda (Pages: 6-15) [Art: Dudley Wynne] Mandy (Pages: 16, 41) [Art: Peter Kay] Meg of Magpie Manor [4 parts] (Pages: 24-20, 49-53, 77-80, 97-101) [Art: Len Potts] The Twopenny Times (Pages: 25-28) [Art: Tony Thewenetti] A Home for Heather (Pages: 33-40) [Art: Robert Hamilton] Jill’s Gentle Giant (Pages: 42-44) [Art: Claude Berridge] Snapshot … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1972

Mandy Annual 1975

Picture Stories The Farmer Wants A Wife (Pages: 6-11) [Art: Bernard Greenbaum?] The Slave Girls (Pages: 12-16) The Sign Of The Acorn [3 parts] (Pages: 18-22, 49-58, 97-107) [Art: Claude Berridge] Stella Starr – Policewoman From Space (Pages: 23-28) [Art: John Richardson] Polly’s Piglet (Pages: 34-37) [Art: Richard Neillands] Della in the Dark (Pages: 38-43) … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1975

Mandy Annual 1973

Picture Stories Mandy (Pages: 2-3, 96, 126-127) [Art: Peter Kay] With Love from Lindy (Pages: 6-16) [Art: Dudley Wynne] Caesar and Cleo (Pages: 17-23) [Art: Claude Berridge] Little Miss No-Name [4 parts] (Pages: 24-28, 52-58, 74-80, 108-112) Carol’s Cauldron (Pages: 33-36) The Ghost of Sunday Manor (Pages: 37-42) [Art: “B Jackson”] Carrie Chase – Girl … Continue reading Mandy Annual 1973