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  • Dancing Diamonds (the)
  • Diana and Wendy
  • Doll of Terror (the)
  • Dunce From Outer Space (the)

















7 thoughts on “Diana Stories

  1. Could members please check their issues of DIANA for February 1964 in order to find for me the starting issue number and date of ‘The Voice Of Katey Winslow’. Thank you in anticipation.

    1. I asked on facebook group as well, so far they could only narrow it down to February 1964 too. Paul Brown says the earliest issue he has of that story is #55 (7 March 1964) and it ended in #62 (25 April 1964).

  2. Thank you for your efforts, Lorraine, and apologies for the delayed reply. I had to drive over to St Ives to pick up Lois and Alex from my ex-wife’s house where they had spent the night, the responsibility for looking after them, and the dog, for the rest of the day falling to me as their mother and father had gone out early to collect a new camper from somewhere. Given that they didn’t get back as early as they had anticipated, the children and the dog spent quite a few hours at my house. At least they had their mobiles with them, although Lois commandeered my computer to sing along with the sort of modern pop music that I normally ignore. ! I did eventually take them to McDonalds drive-through for burgers and nuggets, which we ate back at mine.

    Regarding ‘The Voice Of Katey Winslow’, it was only the beginning that I needed help with rather than the ending. I have issue 52 and issues 54-62. ‘The Voice Of Katey Winslow’ is not in 52 but crucially it isn’t mentioned in the advert for the serials starting the following week. ‘Lindy On The Long, Long Trail’ is, as are ‘Dixie’, and ‘Lonely Letty’, although Trix, the editor, does say that next week “there are no fewer than TEN new stories and features”. Now I don’t have issue 53, but reading the episode in 54 does not persuade me that it is the first one, so the information I really need has to be that ‘The Voice Of Katey Winslow is in issue 53. Are there any of our members with issue 53 in their collection who could check for me please?

    1. Hi Derek, good news, Philip Rushton has now been able to confirm the story started in Diana #53 (22 February 1964).

      1. Thank you, Lorraine, and thanks also to Phil. I’ve never actually met him but he did a very careful and thoroughly valuable job of proof-reading my second book ‘This Was The Wizard’. At some point later this year all the pages of ‘Bunty And Her Sisters’ will almost certainly be winging their way towards his house. I will ask him first though!!

  3. I don’t know why I can’t make any comments on “The Girls from N.O.O.D.L.E.S” but it begins in Diana #176 (2nd July, 1966). I tried twice today but the comment disappears.

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