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StoriesIssue StartIssue EndYear
Blue Eyes1121978
Disco Talk131978
Jodie and the Otter1191978
Lynne Against Lareno191978
Sue Spiker1191978
The Emma Report1291978
TV Mad1811978
Kay Rules…Ok?261978
Skate-Cat Kate10231978
Viva Marisa!10211978
Yang Ling13281978
The Rebel20291978
Make Me a Champion!22291978
Janie Jungle Nurse24291978
Kay Rules…Ok?24241978
Disco Talk25251978
Kay Rules…Ok?27271978
Kay Rules…Ok?29311978
Holly of Hazard Unit30481978
Jodie and the Otter30421978
Little Nipper30441978
Nola Girl From Nowhere30431978
Teech an’ Me30411978
Wynne Against the School30431978
Beware of Beryl!32431978
Sally and Selina the Space-Trekkers42541978
The Loner43561978
Molly and her Millettes44551978
Sue Spiker44631978
The Power Over Paula44531978
House of Fear45551978
The Emma Report45451978
The Secret Life of Dana49601979
Goldie – Little Dog Lost54641979
Pam on the Purple Planet55661979
Daddy’s Pet56691979
No Joy for Jenny56651979
Plain Jane56671979
Red Fur57661979
Kitty and the Crooked Myles61811979
Lady Sarah’s Secret61691979
Little Miss Spitfire64761979
The Dog Next Door65711979
Belinda Born to Skate66801979
A Girl Called Sam67791979
The White Mouse67811979
They Laughed at Linda68751979
Carrie – and the Conroy Curse70811979
Lucy And Lightning72811979
Nobody’s Child74811979
Stunt Girl76801979
The Emma Report80801979
Jodie and the Otter81811979

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