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StoriesIssue StartIssue EndYear
Anna, Junior Miss (text)1201960
Big Sister (text)1271960
Growing Up1871960
Judy Humour Strips11634*1960
The Lass of Flinty Farm1191960
Nanette of the North1161960
Popski’s Circus1251960
The Ring that Winks 1321960
Runaway Princess1161960
Sandra of the Secret Ballet1551960
The Scarlet Wagon 1271960
The Story of David Copperfield 1201960
Judy Complete Text Stories11571*1960
The Teaser Twins2(360)*1960
Debbie at the School of Horses (text)3141960
Tricky Trixie - the girl with a thousand faces4201960
Angela at Drama School (text)15301960
Bonnie Jean and the Hunted Prince17321960
Polly Perkins17391960
Dixie at Dude Ranch20551960
Jill in the Fighting Form20371960
Musical Marianne (text)20381960
Poor Blind Billy20371960
Everybody Wants Nancy21301960
Gilda the Goose Girl26401960
A Pool for Wendy (text)28431960
Pineapple Pauline31431960
Sally Cook and her Sign-Here Book31461960
Tricky Trixie - the girl with a thousand faces33561960
Miss Simpson’s School Out East38551960
Betty of Dolphin Ferry39461960
Mary and the Moorland Choughs39501960
Bess of the Black Arrows40551960
Starr of the Wrens41751960
The Horse that Jackie Hid44591960
Val of the Valley (text)44631960
The Forbidden Choir (text)47621960
Hilltop Teacher (text)47541960
Backstage Betty51931961
Popski’s Circus55661961
A Cure for Connie56701961
Colleen and the Last Witch56681961
Who is Sylvia? (1961)56711961
Sandra of the Castle Ballet56621961
Gipsy Lil- the Wild One57731961
Heather in Italy58891961
Anya at Ballet School63931961
Trombone Tillie (text)63781961
Wendy on Ice (text)64781961
The Story of the Ballet … 671061961
Belita and the Bull69851961
Katie and the Wicked Wilsons71881961
Janet of Wildcat Junction72921961
Marisa and the Doves74891961
Riding School Rivals (text)75851961
Little Mother (text)79881961
Queen of the Waterways (text)79901961
Anna, Junior Miss861061961
Sandra and the Runaway Ballet861061961
Lucy of the Lake (text)891001961
The Shipwrecked Kidds 89991961
Gwen Save the King901011961
Vicky on Skates901081961
Growing Up91204*1961
Looking After Stella (text)911021961
Beaver Girl931041961
Cherry on Top941151961
Rose of the Sea941061961
Julie at the Winter Palace1001071961
Limping Laura (text)1011171961
Ballet in the Blitz1021181961
Petra the Party Maker (text)1031211961
Butterfly Belle1071301962
Kitty Must Walk!1071211962
Sandra and the Frightened Teacher1071161962
Trudy on the Trampoline1071181962
Doctor Katie1081311962
Trix at the Typewriter1091211962
Big Sister1161301962
Skinflint School1161291962
Cripple Dixie1171321962
Little Miss Lonely Heart (text)1181301962
Sandra and the Hoodoo Ballet1191301962
Vicky in Switzerland1191301962
Bobtail the Beach Rescue1221371962
Paula the Dancing Refugee (text)1221311962
The Secret Ways of Lady Mary1221371962
Big Top Ballet1301461962
Backstage Betty1311381962
Forbidden to Dance1311471962
Big Bertha1321511962
Keep Away from my Dad! (text)132(143)1962
Ruth – Riding High (text)132(143)1962
The Quiz Kids 1331521962
The Rebels 1331531962
Sandra and the Dancing Doll1331451962
Educating Dido1381481962
Julie at the Winter Palace138(142)1962
The Silver Rabbits 139(155)1962
Dangerous Days for Diana Evans (text)(144)1531962
Gaye the Girl with the Golden Touch (text)(144)1501962
Mitzi at Falcon Grange146(157)1962
The Voyage of the Dairymaid1461601962
The Girl Who Hated Ballet 1471571962
Cindy of the Singing Forest148(157)1962
Shirley Nurse with Wings1491631962
Homefinder Babs (text)151(157)1962
Kirsty and the Coal Imp1521591962
Primrose of Buttercup Farm153(155)1962
The Pot-Hunter (text)1541651962
Big Sister154(157)1962
Debbie at Drama School1581711963
Petra the Party Maker1581831963
Sandra and the Stranded Ballet1581731963
Topsy on her Toes1581691963
Vicky's Ice Show1581681963
The Bewitched Ballet Shoes1601661963
Slave to the Rotten Greggs1611671963
First-Aid Fay1641771963
The Ballet School at Cedar Grange (text)1661771963
Rose Among the Thornes1671741963
Patience in the Saddle1681791963
Backstroke Babs1691821963
Mystery at Minila1701771963
The Rivals1721791963
Hands Off Little Hannah!1741801963
The Barrel-Organ Ballerina1751861963
Bobtail the Beach Rescue1781891963
Pat Pride - School Secretary1781861963
Rambling Rose (text)1781871963
Heartbreak Hotel1801901963
The Challenge1801861963
Wendy Must Win1801861963
The Diary of Ruth Randall181(194)1963
Safari Sue183(205)1963
Nine-Lives Lyn1841901963
The Golden Shoes1851911963
Backstage Betty1872031963
Kitty at Keep-Away Farm1871941963
The Blind Ballerina1872021963
The Story of Flora Fenton1872021963
Miss Junior Miss (text)1882021963
Lorna's Leprechaun1902101963
The Secret of Misty Island1911971963
Pat of the Painted Boats1921991963
Deep-Sea Debbie(197)(204)1963
Katy's Casebook(197)2011963
Pedlar Pam199(204)1963
Under the Green Glacier2002101963
The Hobbies of Holly203227*1963
The Making of Mary203(204)1963
Jenny Everything204(219)1963
The George Street Gang204(205)1963
Paula Pulls the Strings2112311964
Tina and the Touring Ice-Show2112201964
Ballet at Bleak House2122291964
Big Sister (text)(212)2251964
Jumping Jackie(212)2261964
Sally of Studio Seven(212)2251964
Stella All At Sea(212)2181964
The Grey Angels2122281964
Cherry and her Chimps2192251964
Marilyn the Mayoress(223)2331964
Publicity Penny223(235)1964
Sally and the Danger Doll226(235)1964
The Whispering Cave2262341964
Beauty the Beast2272411964
Queen of the Castle2282471964
Joan All-Alone2292481964
Willpower Winnie2312451964
Katy's Casebook232(235)1964
Growing Up233317*1964
Odd Girl Out2342461964
The Long Week2362431964
Lessons from Linda2422481964
Milly on the Move(242)2471964
Shipshape Shirley(242)2511964
The Secret of the Black Loch(242)2471964
Big Sister (text)244(252)1964
Pearl Police Cadet2462611964
Lorna's Leprechaun2482541964
Penny the Post2482621964
The Golden Girl2482571964
Volunteer Val2492621964
Wee Slavey2492621964
Sandra and the Sultan's Ballet2502721964
The Great Adventure2522621964
In Quest of the Unicorn2552621964
A Foster Must Do It!2562621964
Fay Farrell Auxiliary Nurse2632691965
Bobby Dazzler263(288)1965
Hope of the Hundred2632711965
The Best Babysitter in Barnley2632771965
The Tunnels of Ternos2632701965
Topsy on her Toes2632881965
Honeysuckle Rose2652741965
Wings for Wendy2682771965
Fay Farrell Student Nurse2702931965
Mississippi Meg2712841965
Melos of Venus2732821965
No Medals for Matilda2732841965
Sally's Secret Zoo2752861965
The Glade of Lost Children2782841965
The Good Deedes2792861965
Pip the Piper283(296)1965
Backstage Betty285(288)1965
Ballet at Bleak House2852951965
The Isle of a Million Wings2852931965
Shipshape Shirley2862931965
The Eyes of Eileen2872991965
The Dark Horse2893031965
Heather in Austria2913051965
Skinflint School(292)(304)1965
Sandra and the Sinister Ballet2943131965
Testing Time for Tania2943021965
The Defiant Drummonds294(300)1965
The House That Jill Built2943131965
Willpower Winnie (text)2952951965
Gentle Jenny2963111965
Fay Farrell Emergency Nurse(300)(301)1965
The W Patrol(300)3111965
Runaway Rhona3043121965
The Best Babysitter in Barnley3043081965
The Girl Who Came Back3043171965
The Good Deedes3053111965
Colleen and the Last Witch3063491965
Air-Raid Annie3073131965
Kirsty and the Coal Imp3093131965
Hope of the Helpers3123211966
The Courage of Belle Britton3123241966
Willpower Winnie (text)3123131966
Betty's Banger3133191966
Dangerous Days for Diana314(322)1966
Fay Farrell Emergency Nurse314(317)1966
Heartbreak Farm3143271966
Petra the Party Maker314(322)1966
The School in Misery Mansion3143251966
Topsy on her Toes3143291966
Vicki (text)(316)(321)1966
Terry and the Four Teens3183271966
Hungry Henrietta3203341966
Wee Slavey3203281966
Deena Day-by-Day3213351966
Hearts to Mend3223311966
Jeannie's Genie(325)3451966
Sandra of the Secret Ballet3253741966
Supergirl Susie3253341966
The Magic Drum(325)3321966
What Happened to Hannah?3263341966
The Wild One (text)3273311966
Queen of the Lost People3283341966
Stocktons Stick Together3283371966
The Gold Medal3293361966
Hayley the Home Help3303391966
Village of Orphans3323411966
Personality Penny3333401966
Fay Farrell District Nurse3353411966
Sail Away Cindy3353481966
The Two Faces of Flo3353411966
When the Robots Rebelled3353421966
Vicki (text)3363451966
The Red House3373441966
The Hobbies of Holly(340)3711966
The Scarlet Scarab3403461966
And Mother Came Too3413511966
Fay Farrell Ship's Nurse3423481966
Marie's Mission3423511966
Roka of the Reindeer3423531966
Junior Nanny3433451966
Wee Slavey3433531966
Bobby Dazzler345(420)1966
The Prisoner (text)3463471966
Willpower Winnie3463571966
Sally and the Threatened Star3473531966
Fay Farrell Holiday Camp Nurse3493561966
The Hot Seat3493571966
Me and My Family3503551966
Junior Nanny3513581966
Educated Edith3523611966
Paula Pulls the Strings3523591966
Dark Secret3543631966
Do-It-All Dolly3543631966
Skinflint School3543711966
Fay Farrell Island Nurse3563651966
Faith Must Not Fail3583641966
Teentops Tansy3583631966
The Fire Raiser3593661966
Me and My Family360(374)1966
Pippa's Pigeons3603651966
Kay Carries On3623711966
Binnie's Boutique3643701966
Bobtail the Beach Rescue3643711966
The Courage of Kim3643711966
Fiona of the Fells3653711967
Fay Farrell School Nurse3663711967
Fair Wind for the Fourth3663711967
The Best Babysitter in Barnley3673711967
Anna and her Spanner3723821967
Bethea and the Brahan Seer3723801967
Fay Farrell Army Nurse3723841967
Lorna's Leprechaun372(391)1967
On With the Show3723871967
The Lame Ducks3723791967
The Pot Hunter3723881967
The Sound of Fear3723811967
Topsy and the Scientist’s Secret3723851967
Wee Slavey372(391)1967
Sandra of the Castle Ballet3753861967
The Best Babysitter in Barnley380(391)1967
The Silver Secret3813861967
Debbie and the Drowned Village382(391)1967
Seven Passes to the Prize3833891967
Flying Squad Nurse3853891967
Marina and the Monsters386(397)1967
Sandra and the Runaway Ballet3874081967
Me and My Family388(397)1967
Rough-Rider Ruth388(391)1967
Belinda's Balloon3893951967
Fay Farrell Jungle Nurse390(403)1967
Mandy of the Mobile Zoo390(397)1967
Wendy of the Waterways (text)(391)(391)1967
The New Girl392(397)1967
Jumping Jenny394(397)1967
Deep-Sea Danger(395)(397)1967
The Hobbies of Holly(395)(397)1967
Washed Up with the Wilsons395(397)1967
We'll Win Wimbledon for Wales3964031967
The Girl from D.O.R.S.E.T.(400)(403)1967
The Rebel Royle4004071967
The Secret of Cynthia4004071967
Skinflint School4014081967
Slaves of the Silver Sphere4034111967
The Girl Who Could Do Anything(403)(416)1967
The Golden Cradle(403)4081967
Treasure of the Tiger(403)(403)1967
Beneath the Blue Iceberg4044231967
Cannonball Kate4084261967
Fay Farrell - Factory Nurse(408)(409)1967
The Siege of Sydney Street School(408)(424)1967
Wee Slavey(408)(416)1967
A Girl Called Halliplunk4094171967
Lorna's Leprechaun409(416)1967
Sandra and the Frightened Teacher4094181967
Lady Locksley's Secret4124171967
Fay Farrell Problem School Nurse(415)(416)1967
Finola and the Feinn(415)(415)1967
Fay Farrell Fishermen's Nurse4184311968
Junior Nanny418(429)1968
Skinflint School on Tour418(424)1968
The Girl with Green Hair4184291968
Where is Vivienne?418(424)1968
Who is Sylvia? 4184261968
Sandra and the Hoodoo Ballet4194301968
Mystery on the Moors424(429)1968
The Girl from D.O.R.S.E.T.(424)(429)1968
Wee Slavey(424)(429)1968
Jumping Julie4274361968
The Girl Who Vanished4274341968
Our Class4274451968
Polly for President428(435)1968
Bargee Betty4324411968
Sandra and the Dancing Doll4324441968
The House on the Hill(434)(435)1968
The Perfect Plan(434)(435)1968
Bobby Dazzler(434)825*1968
Diana and the Dawn People(434)4451968
Marty's Fight with Nicola (text)(434)(435)1968
The Meanest Man in Morven435(451)1968
Viking Gold4354421968
The Girl from Nowhere4374431968
Dark Danger(440)(447)1968
Terry and the Troublemakers4404501968
The Talking Rock(440)4451968
Wee Slavey(440)4451968
The Dreams of Alwyn442(466)1968
Marty and the Missing Cats (text)4434501968
Rachel's Revenge4434501968
To See the Queen4444601968
Sandra and the Stranded Ballet4454601968
Big Brother's a Star446(451)1968
Me and My Family446(454)1968
Rena's Rescue446(451)1968
The Girl From D.O.R.S.E.T.(450)(454)1968
Seven Tests for Silverdale451(458)1968
Madge the Badger4524571968
Jenny's Jaunting Car(453)(458)1968
Junior Nanny4534731968
Spender Sue4534581968
Unbeatable Beatrix4554621968
The S.O.S. Girls457(458)1968
The Scarlet Shawl4574631968
Nina and the Nerons4584731968
Bossy Bessy(463)4701968
Colleen and the Last Witch4634731968
Dawn's Patrol(463)(463)1968
Deirdre and the Druids463(466)1968
There Once was a Game called Hockey(463)4721968
Wee Slavey(463)4731968
Alone on Earth4644721968
Me and My Family(470)4731969
Personality Pat(470)4731969
Terry and the Instant Travel Service4704731969
Annie's Ark4714731969
Magnetic Maggie4744841969
The Monster in the Maze4744791969
Terry and the Time Ship4744801969
The Big Hand474(481)1969
The Day the Staff Walked Out474(481)1969
The Fight Against the Odds4744801969
The Voyage of the Black Albatross4744791969
Cannonball Kate and the Magpies4744901969
Sandra and the Seven Sisters4744801969
Tippy's Top Gear4804861969
Jumping Julie and the Harlequins(480)4801969
Marty and the Riding Lessons (text)(480)4841969
Velocity Val480(494)1969
Misery Mill(480)(491)1969
Sandra and the Girl Nobody Knows4814851969
The Worst School in the World4814921969
The Lady is a Champ4814951969
Joanne and the Challenge4834941969
The House of a Hundred Eyes(484)(491)1969
The Village of Strangers4854911969
Sandra and the Baffling Ballet4864911969
Wee Slavey487(494)1969
Animal Nurse (text)(490)(493)1969
Naughty Dottie / Dottie’s Diary(490)1441*1969
Cannonball Kate at Croxford491(494)1969
Our Class4924971969
The Craigielee Courier493(503)1969
The Unwilling Thieves4935031969
Mandy of the Mobile Zoo(493)(493)1969
Pet Shop Pauline4945121969
School for the Expelled4975081969
Lanky Doodle(502)(508)1969
Plants of Peril(502)(503)1969
The Green World(502)(503)1969
The Problem Solvers(502)(503)1969
The Trials of Tracy(502)(503)1969
Lorna's Leprechaun(502)(508)1969
Annie's Ark(506)5071969
Glyn of the Golden Voice5075161969
Silver and the Secret Six(507)(514)1969
Annette of the Air School(507)(514)1969
Cherry's Chipper(507)(520)1969
Hairdresser on Wheels513(514)1969
Linnet's of London(513)(514)1969
The Problem Solvers(513)5131969
Junior Nanny(513)5251969
The Girl Who Could Do Anything(513)(514)1969
Sawdust Star5145251969
A School for Susan5175251969
Emergency Emma(519)5251969
My Father – My Jailer5195251969
The Golden Fleece(519)5251969
Clare’s Clarinet(519)5251969
The Black Marks(519)5251969
Big Aggie526(539)1970
Cinderella of the Orphanage5265381970
Freckles and her Frog5265451970
Her Majesty5265411970
The Dux from the Dead5265371970
The Taming of the Honourable Angelina5265361970
The Unwanted One5265411970
Witch Hazel5265401970
Wee Slavey(530)(530)1970
Girl in a Suitcase(538)(543)1970
Animal Nurse (text)(538)(542)1970
Jenny Appleseed(542)(543)1970
Sandy's Sanctuary(542)(543)1970
Steeple Jill5425471970
Those Pot-Hunting Potters542(550)1970
Junior Nanny(542)(543)1970
Wee Slavey(542)(550)1970
Too Clever for School5485621970
Our Class5485731970
The Perfect Pen5485631970
Gilda's Grockle(550)(551)1970
Lee of the Loco School (text)(550)(551)1970
Bella Belong-No-Place550(551)1970
Lorna’s Leprechaun(550)(551)1970
The Brickfield Belles550(551)1970
Boundary Babs5545631970
Turkey Trott5585671970
Peri of the Ponies5595731970
Manda's Magic(561)(562)1970
Skinflint School(561)(567)1970
Wendy of the Waterways (text)(561)(567)1970
Flower-Power Fay5635721970
Sally the Survivor5645711970
The Runaway Rogers5655731970
Junior Nanny(567)5731970
The Hobbies of Holly(567)5731970
Saboteur in the School(571)5731970
The Old Funniosity Shop(571)5731970
Lorna’s Leprechaun(571)5731970
Wee Slavey(571)5821970
Big-River Belle574(587)1971
Diamonds for Danger5745931971
Do-It-All Debbie5745791971
Here Comes the Bogey Ma’am574(582)1971
Jane the Genius574(582)1971
Senga in the Desperate Days5745931971
Vicky the Evacuee5745921971
Moira’s Magic Mirror576(596)1971
The Hobbies of Holly579(586)1971
Sheila on Skis5805941971
Annie’s Ark(582)(582)1971
Tough of the Pool5835971971
Junior Nanny(586)(587)1971
Do-It-All Debbie(586)(586)1971
Astra from the Asteroid(590)(596)1971
Silver and the Sacred Serpent(590)(596)1971
Lorna’s Leprechaun(590)(591)1971
I Want to be a Swot!5946011971
Our Class5946071971
Donkeys in the Nut Orchard(595)(601)1971
The Fish Twins5956091971
The Chair that Rocked St. Claire’s!5986151971
Candy's Camera(600)6041971
Dancing Diana(600)(605)1971
Wee Slavey(600)(605)1971
My Mother, My Enemy!6026071971
Chained to her Racket!6036181971
The Desert Kid(604)(621)1971
The Gipsies Must Go!(604)6091971
Lorna’s Leprechaun(608)6091971
The Girl Who Could Do Anything(608)6091971
The Golden Voice of Glenda(608)(612)1971
The Hobbies of Holly(608)6091971
Doomed Not to Dance610(612)1971
Same-Day Susie610(612)1971
Send for Sally610(621)1971
Skinflint School Abroad6106301971
The Stealer of Skills6106241971
Slaves of the Sinister Eye6166301971
Storm, Son of the Moors6196301971
Kate’s Army(620)6301971
The House of the Ravens6206331971
Our Class6246271971
Betty's Backyard Zoo(625)6301971
Daddy Must Act!6256301972
Junior Nanny(625)6301971
The Hobbies of Holly(625)6301971
Lorna’s Leprechaun6266291972
Punch and Judy the Terrible Twins6316401972
Child of the Misty Moors6316421972
Gentle Jenny [1972]6316421972
Meg – the Hunted One6316421972
Megan of the Magic Lantern6316391972
Sandra and the Backstreet Ballerina6316451972
The Flying Milkmaid6326431972
The Babysitters6406461972
Faith of Fell Rescue6416421972
Maddie Hatter6436501972
Tilly on Tour6436551972
Treasure of Troy6436511972
Junior Nanny6436621972
Me and My Family6436431972
The Hard Hard Life of Betsy Frye6446531972
Gala-Day Girl6446541972
Poor Penny Perkins6466631972
Annie’s Ark6476481972
Sandra and the Sultan's Ballet6476691972
Suzette’s Silent Army6516621972
Jumping Jackie6516661972
The Hobbies of Holly6526591972
Wee Slavey in Paris6546661972
The Animal Rescuers6556691972
Pat’s Problem6566621972
The Four Flops6606651972
It’s That Girl Again!6636721972
The Lost Champion6636771972
Annie’s Ark6646641972
Beauty the Beast6646781972
The Story of Mairi Macintyre6656791972
A Father for Frances6676731972
The Bicycling Belles6676761972
Sandra and the Sinister Ballet6706891972
Backwoods Bessie6716791972
Susan at Model School6736771972
Wee Slavey6746791972
Lorna’s Leprechaun6746741972
Growing Up / Meet…677986*1972
Lorna’s Leprechaun6776791972
Junior Nanny6786791973
Rescue Rangers6786791973
A Song by Friday6806901973
Annie’s Animal Actors6806911973
Beware the Purple Trumpet6806911973
Clean-Sweep Clarrie6806911973
Dark Days at Pennen6806901973
Sisters of the Secret Pool6806981973
Joan All-Alone6907091973
Janet the Janitor6917211973
The Ghost Riders6917001973
Backstage Betty6927321973
Cressie on Cruise (text)6926991973
Junior Nanny6927011973
When the School Bell Rang6997131973
Topsy of the Pops7007121973
Lady Sarah of the Sweeps7017141973
Myno and her Rhino7027111973
The Hobbies of Holly7067061973
The Gipsy at Queen’s7107191973
The Stranger From Space7127181973
Minnie’s Mad Motor7137221973
The Girl with 1000 Dresses7147261973
A Piano for the Sultan7157271973
The High-Wire Hogans7157261973
Days of the Dangerweed7197321973
Dawn’s Dark Hours7207281973
The “K” Sisters7237351973
The Golden Gift7237251973
30 Days of Destiny7277321973
Lorna’s Leprechaun7277321973
The Vet on the Hill7277321973
The Hobbies of Holly7287301973
Wee Slavey7287591973
Rescue Rangers729731*1973
Dandy of the Danger Squad7337471974
Marvellous Marion7337501974
Miss England’s Ugly Duckling7337501974
My Brother Barney7337451974
Sandie’s Sondbirds7337481974
The Cat of Crosby Road7337541974
Sally from our Alley7367451974
The Little War on Coral Island7467551974
Wilma and the Wild One7467601974
Pam the Peacemaker7497661974
Backstage Betty7517661974
Tin Lizzie7517651974
Slaves to the Moonstone7557661974
The Vet on the Hill7567631974
Rescue Rangers7577571974
The Babysitters7587581974
Tunnel to Freedom7607661974
Junior Nanny7617731974
Wee Slavey7647661974
Petra the Party Maker7667661974
“My Brother’s No Traitor!”7677751974
Greta’s Greyhound7677761974
I’ll Make You Dance!7677761974
Sampan Susie7677811974
The Boy Next Door 7677781974
Valley of Death7677761974
Whirlwind Winnie7747851974
The Wand of Freedom7767851974
Backstage Betty7777821974
Flight to Fame7777921974
The Golden Girl7777871974
Big Spender7797881974
Big ‘n’ Bertha7801634*1974
The Cat of Crosby Road7827881975
I Want to be a Jockey!7837941975
Flying Squad Nurse7857851975
Backstage Betty7867861975
The Blind Ballerina7868011975
Wee Slavey7868121975
Hilltop Teacher7888071975
Join the Rott Race7898021975
Singing for Joy7898041975
The Cat Princess7897981975
Crazy Days for Caroline7938021975
My Brother Barney7958061975
Big Sister7998151975
Everybody Wants Wendy8028131975
Junior Nanny8038271975
Odd Girl Out8038141975
The School at Flash Point8058171975
The Red Maria8078201975
Skinflint School Afloat8088391975
The Survivors8138321975
Slaves to the Moonstone8148181975
Big Spender8168391975
The Sound of Fear8168241975
Bring Your Friend8188271975
Helen from the Hills8198291975
The Girl Who Hated Ballet8218301975
Val of the Valley8258391975
Girl Friday8268351975
Have Spade – Will Dig!8288391975
Dangerous Days for Diana8288391975
Flight to Fear8338391975
Climbing Rose8408571976
Grimm Street8408541976
Paula and the House of Secrets8408531976
The Countess of Monte Cristo8408501976
The Light Must Shine8408531976
Wee Slavey8408571976
Dancer of the Seven Vales8438541976
Bobby Dazzler8478661976
Val of the Valley8518541976
Escape From Danger Mountain8558661976
Junior Nanny8558611976
Last of the Cheviots8558641976
Peggy’s Peculiar Pony8558621976
Phantom of the Mine8558661976
Terror of the Tennis Courts8558651976
The Ghost of Manderlay8588691976
The Midgees8588721976
Big Spender8628761976
Skinflint School8638791976
Mary Brown is Missing! (text) 8658721976
Under the Green Glacier8658751976
Runaway Wanda8668741976
Big Sister8678861976
Knights of the Round Table8678781976
Newshound Nell8678761976
Eagle Girl8708841976
Hedda of Hosannah Valley8738861976
Sandra and the Blackmailed Ballet8768881976
Bobby Dazzler8778811976
Junior Nanny8778821976
Wee Slavey8798921976
The Hands of Helga8808921976
The Hobbies of Holly8828921976
Bad Penny 8838921976
Rose Budd8858921976
Janet on Wheels8878921977
Junior Nanny8878921977
Schoolgirl Vet8878921977
Kitty at Keep-Away Farm8898961977
Bobby Dazzler8908921977
A Place for Homing893(903)1977
Bess of Black Fell8939021977
I Want to be a Dunce893(903)1977
Jeannie of the Ring893(903)1977
Patsy Pincher8939021977
Ten Tasks for Toni8939031977
The Haunted One893(903)1977
Trader Tess8939101977
The Tideway Kids897(903)1977
Skinflint School903(915)1977
The Guardian9039141977
Kitty’s Kitchen904(915)1977
The Doomed of Brangwen9049131977
A Secret Place9059141977
Dorrie Down Under9059141977
Follow-My-Leader Lil9059141977
Schoolgirl Vet9119191977
Junior Nanny9149331977
Green for Danger9159281977
Minnie’s Mad Motor9159241977
The Witch’s Brats9159261977
Poor Little Rich Girl 9159281977
Janet on Wheels9169221977
Kimi Kami(919)9221977
Malicious Molly9209291977
I’m No Chicken9239291977
Orphan Island9239451977
Village of Revenge9259361977
Daisy Dean Little Beauty Queen9279441977
That Goody Goody Next Door9299411977
Wee Slavey9299451977
The Fashion House Phantom9309451977
The Hobbies of Holly9309301977
Big Spender9319311977
The Dark Horse9329461977
The Lost Children9329451977
Air-Raid Annie9349401977
The Eyes of Eileen9359441977
Dainty Dinah9379451977
The Hobbies of Holly9419451978
The Fish Twins9429561978
Bobby Dazzler9459511978
Junior Nanny9459451978
Cloak of Darkness9469551978
Fay Farrell - Emergency Nurse9469551978
Rosie from London Bridge9469551978
The Girl with Green Hair9469571978
The Proud Willoughbys9469591978
The Runaway Redfords9469591978
Wanda and the Witches’ Brew9469571978
The Stealer of Skills9479611978
Guinea Peg9569691978
Slaves of the Sinister Eye9569701978
The Long Trek9569701978
Tough of the Pool9579711978
The Prisoner9589671978
Wee Slavey9589691978
Bobby Dazzler9609701978
The Unwilling Thieves9609701978
Gentle Jenny 9629771978
Chained to her Racket!9689831978
The Golden Queen9709791978
Old Walnut9719801978
Testing Time for Tania9719801978
Too Clever for School9719851978
Little Star9729841978
Sonia’s Secret9789891978
The Unwanted One9809951978
The Hobbies of Holly9819811978
The Lady is a Champ9829971978
Baby Dolly Deane9839971978
Betty’s Bunny9849971978
The Hobbies of Holly9859861978
The Worst School in the World9869971978
Boundary Babs9879961978
Sez Sue (text)9889971978
Sarah Laing’s Ambition9909971978
Schoolgirl Vet9939971979
The Hobbies of Holly9969971979
Bobby Dazzler9979971979
Cat Conway99810101979
Cora Cupid99810231979
Curse of the Crow99810061979
Forgotten Dreams99810061979
Four Tasks for Tiny Tessa99810051979
School for the Expelled99810091979
The Perfect Pen99810131979
The Taming of the Honourable Angelina99810081979
Wee Slavey99810131979
Anita’s Butler100610231979
Terror in the Big Top100710161979
Her Majesty100910241979
A School for Susan101010181979
Ballet in the Blitz101110261979
Freckles and her Frog101410331979
Sisters of Deceit101410251979
First-Time Faith101710261979
Trudy on the Trampoline101910301979
The Fish Twins102410331979
Wee Slavey102410261979
Annette of the Air School102510391979
Jodie and the Otter102610371979
Run, Rabbit, Run!102710391979
Sue Spiker102710381979
The Frightening Fours102710381979
And Mother Came Too103110411979
Pet Shop Pauline103410491979
The Honourable S.J.103410481979
Heartbreak Hotel103910491979
The Seeing Eye103910491979
Danger, Min at Work!103910491979
Jumping Julie104010491979
Selina the Silent One104010491979
The Rebel Royle104210491979
Children from the Stars105010631980
Danger Doll!105010591980
Fiona and the Ring of Fergus105010591980
Hazel of Hatfield Hall105010601980
Kitty Must Walk!105010641980
The House of the Ravens105010631980
The Revenge of Verna105010611980
Who Is Sylvia?105010651980
Vicky on Skates105310631980
Little Grasshopper106010741980
Pandora’s Box106010651980
Sing a Sad Song106110701980
Raggle-Taggle Rosie106210761980
A New Life for Sue106410751980
Alone on Earth106410721980
The Blind Ballerina106410791980
I Want to be a Swot!106510721980
A Cure for Connie106610801980
Skinflint School106610771980
Baker’s Dozen107110821980
Anya at Ballet School107311011980
The Flying Milkmaid107310841980
Betty’s Bloodhound Butler1075(1085)1980
Fiona Must Not Fail107610921980
Puny Penny107710861980
Butterfly Belle107811011980
Wee Slavey108010801980
Sawdust Star108110911980
The Girl Who Knew1082(1085)1980
Queen of the Castle108311011980
Girl with the Golden Smile108511011980
The Unwanted Ones109011011980
Jumble Jenny(1092)11011980
Betty V. Bumble109211011980
Wee Slavey109311111980
Bobtail the Beach Rescue110211131981
Nothing Ever Goes Right!110211181981
Orphans of the Storm110211161981
The Fish Twins110211121981
The Whispering Shell110211101981
When the Talking Had to Stop110211151981
Witch Way110211111981
The Barrel-Organ Ballerina111111221981
Sally of Super School111211211981
The Secret Friends111211231981
Anita’s Butler111311301981
Junior Nanny111311251981
Nine-Lives Lyn111411201981
And Jumbo Went, Too111611241981
The Fifth Swan Child111711261981
The Strange Powers of Penny111911301981
Hungry Henrietta112111351981
The Simple Life112211341981
The School in Misery Mansion112311341981
The Odd Couple112411341981
Wendy’s Wishbone112511331981
Fiona’s Farm112711371981
Pryde of the Blues113111411981
Search the World Over113111421981
A Mill Girl’s Story113411451981
The Face of Evil113511451981
The House that Jill Built113511521981
The Spoilt One113511461981
Educated Edith113611451981
Wee Slavey113811461981
Haunted Harriet114211521981
Forced to Fail114311521981
Fay Farell Auxiliary Nurse114611521981
Personality Penny114611521981
The Two Faces of Flo114611521981
Bobby Dazzler114711521982
Messalina Potts114711521982
Schoolgirl Vet114711521982
Junior Nanny115312231982
Megan’s Stolen Fame115311621982
Minnie the Meanie 115311661982
Rosie O’ Grady115311661982
The Girl With No Name115311661982
The Honourable S.J.115311621982
The Locked Room115311601982
Danger, Min at Work!115711591982
“You Lead, I’ll Follow”116111721982
Ballet at Bleak House116311921982
Betty’s Bloodhound Butler116311761982
Pearl from the Sea116511801982
Charlie’s Angel116711781982
The Nobody of the School116711771982
Where is Melanie Forbes?116711771982
Vote for Vera117311881982
Living a Lie117711861982
Debbie Must Dance Again!117811931982
Vanessa’s Voice117811861982
“I Won’t Share with Shirley!”117911851982
Bobby Dazzler118111961982
Look After Lucy!118611961982
Mary Doon’s Diary118712011982
She’s Not My Sister!118712001982
Lonely Lotty118911971982
Sheila on Skis119312061982
The Luck of the Lumsdens119412061982
Ma’s Kids119712061982
Schoolgirl Vet119811981982
"Sally Says…"119912061983
Bobby Dazzler120012051983
Runaway Ruth120112061983
Fay Farrell District Nurse120212061983
Danger, Min at Work!120312051983
Her Sister’s Keeper120712151983
Kelly and Clump120712181983
Red Mask120712161983
Remember Rhoda120712161983
Tessa’s Tough Times120712161983
Blitz and Bobby120812251983
Deadline for Cora121612221983
One Girl and her Dog [1983]121712251983
The Girl Who Vanished121712241983
Trouble on Wheels121712241983
Danger, Min at Work!121812181983
Hearts to Mend121912321983
Petra the Party Maker122012351983
Fay Farrell Holiday Camp Nurse122412301983
On with the Show122512401983
Sue Sprinter122512401983
Brand of the Wolf122612361983
Davina Dives In122612331983
Wee Slavey122612521983
Fay Farrell Island Nurse123112401983
Bobby Dazzler123412341983
Part-Time Supergirl123412431983
Rebel at Crane House123412431983
The Brickfield Belles123512531983
Shadow on Celia123712461983
Petra the Party Maker123912401983
Hetty’s Hands124112541983
Sally’s Seven Sisters124112541983
Mother Goose124112411983
Marvellous Milly124212541983
A Song by Friday124412541983
The Honourable S.J.124412571983
Bobby Dazzler124712471983
Pat’s Problem124812541983
Petra the Party Maker125312541984
Schoolgirl Vet125312551984
Bobby Dazzler125412551984
Cora Cupid125512551984
Community Nurse125512551984
The Dolls Who Loved Dina125512661984
Junior Nanny125512811984
Melody Moffat125512661984
A Girl’s Best Friend125612701984
Bess’s Secret Brother125612671984
Mrs. Dawson’s Daughter125612651984
The Plant125612691984
The Loneliest Girl in the World125812671984
Vicky the Evacuee126612841984
Fay Farrell - Student Nurse126712901984
Teacher’s Pet126712771984
Summer Holiday Swap126812791984
The Spooks at Number Seven127012851984
Blind Beauty127112901984
Gnome on the Range127812911984
“I Need a Friend!”128012911984
The Girl From Tomorrow128012891984
Cora Cupid128212821984
Wee Slavey128313041984
Wheels of Misfortune129013011984
Fay Farrell - Army Nurse129113021984
The Two Faces of Faye129113041984
The Girl Who Could Do Anything129213051984
Charity’s Room129213011984
The Fugitives129313031984
Poor Little Rich Girl129413051984
Petra the Party Maker129512991984
The Hobbies of Holly130013051984
Debbie at the School for Horses130213131984
Hard Times for Helen130213121984
Flying Squad Nurse130313051984
Schoolgirl Vet130413051985
Little Amy 130513271985
Georgie and the Dragon130613161985
Harvey – Go Home!13061428*1985
Junior Nanny130613211985
Sandra of the Secret Ballet130613611985
Twin Trouble130613151985
The Hobbies of Holly131213121985
Danger Island131313191985
Riding School Rivals131413261985
Beth and the Bells131613251985
Big Spender…Superstar131713311985
The Hobbies of Holly131813261985
Plants of Peril132013271985
Josie’s Pal132213431985
Sharon’s Secret Sister132413391985
Sweet Melody132613371985
The Young S.J.132713471985
Melos of Venus132813371985
Pepper the Pony13311634*1985
The Book of Thoth1328(1345)1985
The Siege of Sydney Street School1332(1345)1985
Lost on the Planet of Fear133813501985
Witch Hazel133813521985
The Thirteenth Girl134013491985
Bobby Dazzler13441411*1985
The Truth about Tricia 134813611985
The Prize-Hunters135013611985
The Fighting Foleys135113651985
Megan of the Magic Lantern135313611985
Wee Slavey(1358)(1358)1986
The Ghost Riders(1361)(1361)1986
Fiona’s Friend 1362(1367)1986
Shadows on the Stairs(1362)(1362)1986
The Honourable S.J.(1362)(1362)1986
Sandra of the Castle Ballet1362(1368)1986
Diamonds for Danger137713961986
Norah's Ark1381(1392)1986
I Hate Janey!1385(1392)1986
The Golden Voice of Glenda(1390)(1392)1986
Kate’s Army(1390)(1392)1986
Dainty Dinah1391(1392)1986
Cinderella Jones(1391)14441986
Daisy Dean Little Beauty Queen139414111986
Cold as Charity139714081986
Sally’s Little Sister139914111986
I’ll Bring Robbie Round!140114111986
Terry’s Trendy Mum140314111986
Wee Slavey140814111986
Sheila and her Shires140914181987
Great-Aunt Jane141214231987
Poor Little Rich Girl141214241987
Prove You Want Me141214231987
Rambling Rose141214211987
The Saving of Sister Susie141214231987
The Wilsons Who Lived in a Shoe141214211987
Before I Sleep142214331987
Polly of the Paladin142214311987
“I Don’t Want to Win”142414351987
Gift of the Gods142414281987
Gymnast from the Wilds142414331987
Secret Sister142514391987
Bobby Dazzler14291449*1987
The Lost Days of Deleth143214441987
No Boys for Brenda143314471987
Don’t Talk to Debbie143414471987
The Secret Spring143414421987
The Story of Mairi Macintyre143614441987
Tansy’s Travels144014601987
Mother Goose144314441987
Dana from the Deep144514571987
Oh, Brother! [1987]144514551987
Sisters at Selby144514551987
The Honourable S.J.144514541987
Judy & Co.144916351987
Jenny No-Name145014571987
Rival Riding Clubs145014611987
“Choose Me!”145614671987
Bobby Dazzler145614671987
Cinderella Jones145614651987
Bad Penny (1987)145814671987
Wee Slavey145814671987
The Locked Room145914661987
“Don’t Go Ginnie!”146114681988
The Jordans of Jedworth146214651988
Oh, Brother! 146614761988
The Scarecrow Kids146614791988
Nightingales 2146814751988
No Boys for Brenda146814741988
Stand-In Star146814791988
The Veiled Lady146814781988
Young S.J.146814851988
The Jordans of Jedworth146914731988
Bobby Dazzler147514761988
Donna’s Dolls147514821988
Cinderella Jones147714851988
School on Pirate Island147714851988
The Stealer of Skills147714911988
A Rider for Red148014901988
Ma’s Kids148014891988
The Jordans of Jedworth148014831988
Wedding Belle148314881988
Timid Tina148414921988
Marlina’s Magic148614981988
Rosie’s Revenge148614951988
The Power of Petra148614931988
Nightingales 3149014991988
Tough of the Pool149015041988
The Little Songbird149114991988
Red Fur149214991988
Rocky – The Wild One149314991988
The Mystery of Room 13149414991988
Sisters of Sadness149615071988
School for Scoundrels149915091988
Bobby Dazzler150015081988
Cinderella Jones150015181988
Lady Sarah’s Secret150015081988
The Jordans of Jedworth150015021988
Cuckoos in the Nest150315171988
Junior Nanny150515141988
Visit to Venus [1967]150815161988
I’ll Ruin That School!150915161988
Sally’s Seven Sisters150915221988
The Image of Iris151015271988
Sue’s Secret Star151115211988
The Square Peg151415241989
A Sister for Sarah151715241989
Before the Light Goes…151715341989
“They’re MY Mum and Dad!”151815281989
Bobby Dazzler152015201989
The Crazy Crankies152015271989
Nightingales 4152215331989
The Hateful Hands of Heather Smith152315351989
Nutmeg and Fritz152515351989
Bobby Dazzler152615261989
Cinderella Jones152715271989
“He’s a Thief!”152815351989
Junior Nanny152815361989
The Boy Next Door152815371989
The Image of Iris153415421989
Wee Slavey153515451989
Dream Pony153615461989
Where is Melanie Forbes?153615461989
Bobby Dazzler153715371989
Sally’s Seven Sisters153715441989
“My Sister Hates Me!” / I Hate You!153815481989
School of Secrets153815471989
The Best of Enemies153815521989
Candy’s Crowd154515561989
Cinderella Jones154515501989
Bobby Dazzler154715491989
Junior Nanny154715581989
Sarah Below Stairs154715581989
Tug of Love Toni154815591989
The Horse Doctor154915581989
“S-S-Sylvia Wants to S-S-Sing!”155015551989
Pam’s Problem Pixie155115641989
Halowe'en Story (Skeleton Corner)155515551989
Nothing Ever Goes Right!155315691989
Whatever Became of Betsy?155615631989
Cinderella Jones155715631989
Hateful Harriet \ “Be Nice to Nancy!”155915731989
The Loneliest Girl in the School155915691989
Wee Slavey155915741989
The Honourable S.J.156015731989
Before the Summer Ends…156415701989
Minnie the Meanie 156415771989
Candy’s Crowd156515791990
Junior Nanny156515701990
Best Friends [1990]157015811990
“We Don’t Need Boys!”157115861990
Girl with the Golden Smile157115811990
Is It?157415861990
Teacher’s Pet157415831990
Emma’s Essays157515861990
Junior Nanny157515761990
Bess’s Secret Brother / Her Brother’s Keeper157815891990
Junior Nanny157915791990
Bad Penny (1990)158015881990
Polly and the Prince158215931990
Puppet Love158215931990
Miss High and Mighty158415941990
“Who Am I?”158715961990
Cinderella Jones158715991990
Princess at Park Street158915991990
Hearts to Mend159016031990
Living a Lie159416031990
Wee Slavey159416061990
Ring-a-Ring O’ Roses159515981990
Candy’s Crowd159716141990
Paula's Pen Pals160016071990
The Outcast160416141990
Only Make Believe…160516161990
The Girl From Further Down (Skeleton Corner)160716071990
"I Can't Stand Him!"160716171990
The Dream Machine160716221990
The Honourable S.J.160716161990
Ted Loves Tina160816181990
House of Secrets161016191990
The Amazing Penny161516261990
Best Friend's Boy161516251990
Wedding Belle161716251991
It's a Dog's Life161816291991
Forced to Fail161916281991
Wee Slavey162016351991
Helen's Secret Helper162316311991
Scared to Jump!162416341991
It Must Be Luv162616351991
Sally Says…162616351991
Lyn Dean's Deadly Double162716351991
Torn Apart162916351991
Sarah the Seventh163016351991
Skeleton Corner163216351991
The Honourable S.J.163516351991