Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm was a 1979/1980 D.C. Thomson comic that reprinted  stories had previously appeared in their girls comics publications.  Sometimes these stories were edited to fit into the 64 pages such as “The Girlhood of Valda”. The series only lasted 30 issues.

1 Valda: Champion Diver and Girl of Mystery
2 Sandra of the Castle Ballet
3 Balloon of Doom
4 Little Miss Feather Feet
5 Sally the Slave-Girl Star
6 Trudy Ten-Legs
7 Angel
8 Valda
9 Kathy Come Home!
10 Out to Ruin St Roslyn’s
11 A Race Horse of Her Own
12 Nellie Never-Give-In
13 Gipsy Jenna on the Run
14 Pavement Ballerina
15 Tug Of War for Flighty
16 The Children’s Champion
17 Little Miss Frozen Face
18 Wonder Girl
19 Sandra and the Sultan’s Ballet
20 The Taming of Teresa
21 Meg of the Moors
22 The Truth about Valda
23 The Dancing Life of Moira Kent
24 Sheena – Slave of the Tennis Racquet
25 Catch the Cat!
26 The Taming of the Tearaway
27 The Four Marys
28 Janet the Janitor
29 Climbing Rose
30 Sisters of the Secret Pool


lc_01_valda-454x640LC2_sandra castle balletLC3 Balloon of Doomlittle-miss-feather-feet-455x640lc_5trudy-ten-legs-220x309LCangelLCvalda-455x640LCkathy-come-home-455x640LCout-to-ruin-st-roslyns-459x640LCracehorse-of-her-own-220x319LCnellie-never-give-in-452x640LC13 Gipsy JennaLC14 Pavement BallerinaLC15 TugoWar for Flightylc_16-451x640LC17 little miss frozen faceLCwonder-446x640LC19 sandra and sultans balletLCteresa-454x640LCmeg-453x640truth about valda_LC22LC23 Moira KentLC24_sheena tennisLC25catch the carLC26 taming of tearawayLC27 4 marysLC_janet janitorLC30_sisters of pool

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