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  1. My memories of Mandy are focused on the earliest years. There was a picture strip Honour among Thieves, about a young girl who travels to a big city (London?) following the death of her parents. This was set in the C17th or C18th. I remember The Dress of Destiny very well. There were also quite a lot of stories set in the WW2 home front; probably because the story writers a and illustrators would have been children or teenagers themselves at that time. It’s amazing how memories of Mandy come back after more than forty-five years!

  2. I’ve just remembered “The Samsons (or Sampsons) Stick Together”, about a family of children forced to live with the unsympathetic boarding house owners Mr and Mrs Hodder following the disappearance of their father, a naval officer. This would have been circa 1968.

    And the story about the family living in a house built to a shoe design also appeared in the early ‘seventies as well as later on. I remember an storyline where all the children caught chickenpox …

    1. I can’t place the first, but “There Was a Young Girl Who Lived in a Shoe…”, which might be the other Mandy story you want.

  3. I always remember a story with an alien brother and sister. The girl was called Juella,and that’s all I can remember. I loved The Secret Life of Hateful Hattie and tried to recreate it in Drama in school, but others weren’t as committed to the project as me so it never happened. I also remember a story about a girl with an acorn necklace and it was called something like The Acorn’s Secret, or something. I also like the stories of Valda, Who is Judy Parker?, Roll Along Roma, The Outcasts of Underwood School and Little Phantom of the Opera. Also Lucky’s Living Doll. There were so many good stories!

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      The character Juella was the sister of Jonny Comet, The Pop Star From Planet X. The serial with that title appeared in MANDY 666 (Oct. 20 1979) – 678 (Jan. 12 1980). I hope this information proves useful, especially if you want to read it again.

  4. Who Is Judy Parker? first ran in MANDY 1 (Jan. 21 1967) – 8 (Mar. 11 1967). However, given the rough grouping of the last four titles you mention, Cheryl, it looks as though you were reading these serials in 1972/73/74. Here are the relevant details in case you want to buy in some of the issues from 30th Century Comics in Putney. For the list of serials featuring Valda you just need to search in MANDY on this site. The titles below, as you are aware, are also in MANDY.

    In order of appearance:-

    Little Phantom Of The Opera 272 (Apr. 1 1972) – 288 (Jul. 22 1972) [no episode in 283]
    The Outcasts Of Underwood School 300 (Oct. 14 1972) -316 (Feb. 3 1973)
    Who Is Judy Parker? 323 (Mar. 24 1973) – 330 (May 12 1973)
    Roll-Along Roma 361 (Dec. 15 1973) – 373 (Mar. 9 1974)

  5. There are two stories in the list above, Lorraine, that I can’t access as no pointing hand appears. The first is Double Trouble (1978), the other is The Dress Of Destiny. If you get a minute can you look into this please.

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