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StoriesIssue StartIssue EndYear
“I Won’t Share Her with Him!”191985
Reach For The Stars181985
School for the Forgotten1131985
Short Story12371985
The Comp12371985
Who Wants To Be Head?1141985
The Secret Gymnast9181985
Looking For Lucy10191985
Callous Cassie14271985
Gorgeous Gus15251985
Ride to Win!19311985
"Why Did They Lie to Me?"20281985
Calamity Jane211985
Girl Talk232371985
"He's Going to be Mine!"26511985
"Don't Be So Clever Katy!"28331985
Jealous Janice29311985
The Popularity Plan32451985
The School on Sinister Street32411985
Tom Came Too32421985
Just One of the Crowd36451985
Star Wars43571985
The Amazing Miss Mitton43501985
Your Best Friend46581986
Lazy Daisy48511986
Enemy of the School52631986
"It's All Your Fault!"58671986
Sam's Secret Diary581021986
Three's a Crowd58631986
Lazy Daisy60631986
Friendless Fiona64721986
The Two Faces of Tessa64751986
When Becky Came Back68771986
...And Tina Makes Three73801986
The Power of Eve Black73831986
It's No Secret!76861986
"We'll Stay Friends!"78891986
The Truth About Terri81911986
Watch Out - She's a Witch!84951986
Tara's Treasure87991986
Tina Tells90991986
"We'll Stick Together!"921061986
"I Hate Her!"961051986
Golden Eyes1001111987
The Visitor1001071987
Oh, Boy!1071171987
My Perfect Sister1081201987
Secret Enemy1121231987
Poison Penny1181261987
Flossie Fights Back!1211311987
Lazy Daisy1211221987
My Friend Star1241251987
House of Hate!1251351987
The Two Faces of Fay1261351987
Laura's Letters1281541987
My Secret Pony1281371987
Who Am I?1321451987
A New Life For Lesley1361431987
The Search1361441987
Penny's Prize Pony1381471987
I Love Dave!1392371987
Number 271361987
Friend From The Past1441541987
The Gifts Of Gala1461621987
Riding For Rob1481491987
Carrots And Parsnip1501601988
"I Hate Him!"1551621988
April's Spring1611681988
Boy Wanted!1631691988
Double Danger1631681988
Secret Boyfriend1641701988
Midnight Mystery1652201988
False Friend1691821988
“I’ll Stand By You!”1701771988
The Puppet Show1701731988
Prisoner Of Time1711851988
Riding Double1781881988
The Boy Between1831921988
"I'll Get That Part!"1861941988
Oh, Brother!1891951988
Just The Two Of Us1922031988
Odd Girl Out1931991988
The Secret Piano1952031988
Photo Finish2002041988
The School Trip2042101989
Somebody Doesn't Like Me!2052161989
April Fool - She'll Believe Anything!2062161989
The Two Worlds Of Hayley Smith2092161989
When Dad Came Home…2112211989
Blackwell Hall2122181989
Holly at Starschool2172221989
Melanie and the Moonstone2172221989
Gail and the Ghost2192321989
"Let Me Tell You a Story…"2222331989
We Both Love Ben2232301989
The Stone Dancers2232291989
Behind the Mask2302341989
In Vicky's Shadow2312371989
Reach For The Stars!2332371989
The Mystery of Flat 322342371989
The Ninth Nightmare2352371989