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  • Where can I buy these comics?
  • This is just a fansite I like to talk about these comics but I don’t sell comics on this site.  There are a few places that you can find these comics, the big places are ebay and London shop 30th century comic. Check out their website here. There are a few other specialist shops, car boot sales and websites that you may get lucky with too.
  • I’m looking for the name of a story?
  • Happy to help if I can, but good to note the more detail you can give the better, even if its just when you would have read the story. For example “A talented girl that is mistreated by cruel relatives” could be the plot summary for many stories! The comics uk forum is also full of helpful people:


22 thoughts on “Contact

  1. my sister is in her seventies now and would like to buy old girl comic such as bunty and other magazines I tried to buy comics on ebay but the usual password wont work
    to buy comics also I see annuals on your site but no prices, do you sell annuals or not.

  2. Hi Anne,
    I write for the Sunday Post. Working on a nostalgia piece about Girls Comics that ties into the exhibition at Dundee University and a nice story we have about pen pals who met through Debbie that were recently reunited. It would be great to get a comment from you about the girls comics of that time and the mergers that went on.
    Let me know the best way to get in touch!
    Many thanks,

    1. I have gotten in touch with Louise, it seems she had already been in contact with Anne and accidentally addressed her comment here to Anne instead of me.

  3. Just a query, Lorraine. I’ve been sorting through some papers in the last few minutes and I’ve come across one with the dates for The Taming Of The Tearaway in both 1976/77 and 1987. Underneath that information is a comment I’ve written that says, ‘As of tonight (July 9 2016) there are 257 thoughts on Contact’. However, there are only 10 today. Can you tell me please where the other 247 are hiding and when did they go off and look for the hiding place?

    1. Hi Derek, as there were so many comments, it was getting harder to find newer ones and sometimes the same question was being asked, so I moved older comments on to 2nd page, they can still be read. I did this during the summer and at top of this page I’ve mentioned this, though it easy to miss, if you’re a regular visitor like yourself, perhaps I should have put it in different colour to make it stand out. Anyway if you just press two should take you to older comments

  4. I have a Bunty annual with no jacket. It is a palish orange and shows a darker coloued rosette with 1ST in the centre, Bunty for girls across the centre of the cover through the rosette and the dog to the right centre. The front and back pages are of “The pond in summer” and “The pond in winter”. No publication date. Does anyone know what year it is?

  5. Hello

    Just come across your website and about to list on ebay my 150 + Tracy comics and Mandy comics from the 1970’s and 1980’s. I notice that Tracy isn’t mentioned on your site. Just wondered if you are interested in them at all. I have the first edition of Tracy and and only a few gaps. I think I have approx. 170 Mandys from 1975 with a few gaps again.

      1. It’s very interesting to discover that you don’t have issue 52 of Tracy, Mistyfan. I only need thirteen issues for the full run and number 52 is one of them.

    1. There are a few Tracy posts on the site. I’m currently trying to keep comic collection to minimum, other wise I’d be tempted! But good luck selling on ebay.

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