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  • Where can I buy these comics?
  • This is just a fansite I like to talk about these comics but I don’t sell comics on this site.  There are a few places that you can find these comics, the big places are ebay and London shop 30th century comic. Check out their website here. There are a few other specialist shops, car boot sales and websites that you may get lucky with too.
  • I’m looking for the name of a story?
  • Happy to help if I can, but good to note the more detail you can give the better, even if its just when you would have read the story. For example “A talented girl that is mistreated by cruel relatives” could be the plot summary for many stories! The comics uk forum is also full of helpful people:


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  1. my sister is in her seventies now and would like to buy old girl comic such as bunty and other magazines I tried to buy comics on ebay but the usual password wont work
    to buy comics also I see annuals on your site but no prices, do you sell annuals or not.

  2. Hi Anne,
    I write for the Sunday Post. Working on a nostalgia piece about Girls Comics that ties into the exhibition at Dundee University and a nice story we have about pen pals who met through Debbie that were recently reunited. It would be great to get a comment from you about the girls comics of that time and the mergers that went on.
    Let me know the best way to get in touch!
    Many thanks,

    1. I have gotten in touch with Louise, it seems she had already been in contact with Anne and accidentally addressed her comment here to Anne instead of me.

  3. Just a query, Lorraine. I’ve been sorting through some papers in the last few minutes and I’ve come across one with the dates for The Taming Of The Tearaway in both 1976/77 and 1987. Underneath that information is a comment I’ve written that says, ‘As of tonight (July 9 2016) there are 257 thoughts on Contact’. However, there are only 10 today. Can you tell me please where the other 247 are hiding and when did they go off and look for the hiding place?

    1. Hi Derek, as there were so many comments, it was getting harder to find newer ones and sometimes the same question was being asked, so I moved older comments on to 2nd page, they can still be read. I did this during the summer and at top of this page I’ve mentioned this, though it easy to miss, if you’re a regular visitor like yourself, perhaps I should have put it in different colour to make it stand out. Anyway if you just press two should take you to older comments

  4. I have a Bunty annual with no jacket. It is a palish orange and shows a darker coloued rosette with 1ST in the centre, Bunty for girls across the centre of the cover through the rosette and the dog to the right centre. The front and back pages are of “The pond in summer” and “The pond in winter”. No publication date. Does anyone know what year it is?

  5. Hello

    Just come across your website and about to list on ebay my 150 + Tracy comics and Mandy comics from the 1970’s and 1980’s. I notice that Tracy isn’t mentioned on your site. Just wondered if you are interested in them at all. I have the first edition of Tracy and and only a few gaps. I think I have approx. 170 Mandys from 1975 with a few gaps again.

      1. It’s very interesting to discover that you don’t have issue 52 of Tracy, Mistyfan. I only need thirteen issues for the full run and number 52 is one of them.

    1. There are a few Tracy posts on the site. I’m currently trying to keep comic collection to minimum, other wise I’d be tempted! But good luck selling on ebay.

  6. Hi Lorraine – can I ask when you set up this site? I think 2011 from the archive but want to be sure – am citing it as a great resource in my book on Misty so would love to say more about how you set it up and why…
    Thanks, Julia

    1. Hi Julia – Yes I set it up in 2011 (how the time flies!). I always had good memories of these comics from when I was younger and when I was looking around the internet for information about stories and such, I couldn’t find too much, there didn’t seem to be a site dedicated to just girl comics. So I decided to set up my own and learned more as I built my own collection and got in contact with other fans!

      I had at one point 2 sites, one which was more for quick reference (short posts with publication dates of stories) and this one where I did longer posts but then I merged them into one site. Since then there are a lot more places to find out about girls comics, which is great!

  7. Hi There, I am trying to identify which Bunty annual contains the following story , “Legend of the bells”. the heroine in the story is Sheena Wallace. I think it may be around 1960-63?

    Thank you so much for your help

  8. The Legend Of The Bells was in the 1962 annual. The cover illustration is of a schoolgirls’ Fashion Display, with a girl wearing a blue hat, and a blue jacket over a red dress as she advances along a walkway, with other pupils playing the role of potential buyers.

  9. Hi. I’ve just found your website and it is amazing! I was a Misty fan myself but also received hand me down bundles of other comics from neighbours older daughters in the early 80s. I was wondering if this story would be familiar to anyone.
    13 identical girls with long straight dark hair lived with different adoptive families (unknown to each other) and when they turned 13 they were all collected by a mysterious couple with a van. The girls were all dressed in white robes and all then morphed into one alien supreme being who looked like a more grown up version of themselves. . And it ended with the supreme beings image appearing in her adopted sisters mirror to reassure her she was ok.
    I have googled so many keywords and looked through your story list and have drawn a complete blank. Just would love to see if again. Thanks very much

    1. Can you remember anything else, such as the title the story appeared in, the time it was published, or anything about the artist?

  10. Hi. Unfortunately not as I would have been only around 11 or 12 and it may have been 1984/85 at the latest.I knew it was a long shot but I know how I still have my Misty comics and would recognise the stories and was hoping it might make sense to someone. Just a little needle in huuuuuge haystack.

    1. This is very much a longshot, and also assumes that the story appeared in a D. C. Thomson title, but it could be one of the stories by The Man In Black in DIANA, or by Damian Darke in SPELLBOUND. Also in SPELLBOUND there was a Strange Legends series.

      1. It does sound like the sort of thing that would appear in Spellbound anyway. And if the 1984-85 mark is correct, that would rule out Diana. It wasn’t in Tammy, Misty or Jinty either.

  11. Yes, flagging up DIANA was careless. Sorry. I wouldn’t mind but I’ve spent the bulk of the last three days listing all the serials in DIANA that will feature in my next book so I knew exactly when she bit the dust.

    1. Another possibility is that it was a Supercats story. This story has an SF feel to it, which Damian Darke wasn’t really into, and it would not fit the Strange Legends feature either.

      Or maybe it was not in Spellbound after all. It might be Judy, Mandy or whatever.

    2. I think if it was Spellbound it was either a Supercats story or a serial, but after perusing through my Spellbound scans I am beginning to think it was not in Spellbound. Doesn’t sound like it’s ringing any bells with Derek so far, and he is our DCT girls’ comics authority, so maybe it was not DCT at all.

      Could it have been in Girl 2 or Dreamer? They were photostory comics but also had picture stories. They were IPC, as Misty and Tammy were.

      1. I don’t have any issues of DREAMER so I can’t help there, and I only have seventeen issues of GIRL 2, none of which have a story featuring thirteen identical girls. To save people double-checking, the issues I have are 165 : 168-170 : 176-183 : 190 : 194-196 : 198. Somewhere between 184 and 190 GIRL consumed TAMMY.

  12. Sorry I just assumed it was one of the Tammy/Jinty type comics judging by the girl who gave me the pile of comics as she was a little older and not really into Misty type stories. Maybe that’s why the story stands out with me so much as it seemed more Misty like. Some day I may stumble across it in a charity shop and know I haven’t imagined it completely Thanks very much. x

  13. It definitely was a serial and was drawn. I will keep googling and let you know if I find it. Thanks very much and apologies for the random request with extremely little info. x

    1. One would think that a serial story featuring thirteen identical girls, whichever comic contained it, would live long in the memory of those who read it. Not necessarily the comic that contained it though.

      1. If the story appeared in a more obscure title like Dreamer or Girl 2, it is not surprising it is not well remembered by many. And let me tell you Girl 2 is not easy to find. I had a hard time tracing a Girl 2 serial before I finally found someone who could help.

        Hmm, if the story was in Girl 2, maybe my friend could help identify it. I’ll ask him.

  14. I have checked all 69 issues of SPELLBOUND this evening. I can report that I have not found any serial with thirteen girls in it.

        1. Well, my friend says Ruthie’s description is definitely ringing a bell with him somewhere, so we might find it yet. But I’m beginning to think it’s time for another thread of enquiry at Comics UK.

      1. No, there weren’t. It was a fairly routine sci-fi story in which the aliens’ hair colour altered to green when they were deprived of sunlight, and in cold weather, even in spring, they quickly lost their strength. The main alien is Meryl and she often stares directly at the sun. They had come to Earth intending to turn our planet into one of their colonies, but had clearly skimped on their homework. An early return to their planet was called for so they whizzed off in their flying saucer, presumably never to return. At no point were there thirteen girls. The serial outlined by Ruthie is a different story entirely, and it isn’t one that rings any bells with me.

        1. The above comment is a reply to Mistyfan’s question as to whether there were 13 girls in The Girl With Green Hair. I took a break after starting to write the comment and several others commented in the meantime, making my comment look out of place..

  15. I did however find a mistake in the Cremond Hall story in issue 67, in the bottom left-hand panel on page 7 to be precise. The carving on the marble seat ‘NOMEN NIHI MORTUUS EST’ is translated as ‘MY NAME IS DEATH’. That would be correct if the word NIHI, which doesn’t exist as far as I am aware, had been MIHI, meaning ‘OF MINE’, giving the literal translation ‘THE NAME OF MINE IS DEATH’.

  16. Thank you all so much for all your searching and advice. (And sorry for leading you up so many dead end alleys). This is my first time posting on any kind of group and it’s great to find people Who know so much about similar interests. I wish my memory was clearer but it’s been 30ish years. Thanks so much. x

    1. Oh Helen I’m so relieved I didn’t imagine the whole thing!!! How embarrassing that would have been! Thank you so much!!

  17. The episodes I have are in issues 62, 63, 64, 66, 68, 70, 71 and 72.
    The last episode is in issue 72 dated 26th June 1982. I don’t have the first episode, but by the looks of it, it started in issue 61 dated April 10th 1982.

    1. 30th Century Comics has both #61 and 72, along with 62, 63, 66, 66, 68 and 71. I know someone who may be able to supply scans from #65 and #69. If Ruthie emails me, I can supply the address.

        1. I was thinking it didn’t seem to be a DC Thomson comic, glad it could be tracked down, thanks Helen! I can pass along email addresses to ruthie

    1. Hi…I just wanted to say thanks to you all for your help. Helen has sent me loads of scans and I’m total heaven going a wee trip down memory lane! Happiest girl in Ireland tonight!

  18. Hello. Sorry but I don’the even know if I am in the right place. My friend was telling me about a bunty story about a girl called Anne. She goes to St Marks square in Venice. I would love to track down this comic for her as she is desperately in need of cheering up. Xxxx

  19. Hi there, my name is Suzanne and I’m researching a feature on girls’ comics of the past. As a huge fan back in the day, I want to write from the perspective of those who used to love these publications. It would be great to have a quote from you if possible? Please let me know how I can get in touch. Thanks in advance, Suzanne

    1. It doesn’t sound familiar, I do have big gaps in my Bunty collection though. Would you know around what year it could be?

    2. One girl goes to a square in Venice. Given that there are more than 1300 serials in BUNTY over a period of marginally over forty years, I suspect that the search for this story will be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. I hope that Tim has a fair amount of patience because I think he’s going to need it, especially if it turns out that the story was actually in one of BUNTY’s companion papers. It would certainly be helpful if we could be given the approximate years during which Tim’s friend was a regular reader of BUNTY, as per lorrsadmin’s request below (24 January at 9.57). Over to you, Tim.

  20. Good morning! I was hoping take make this a surprise. So, I need tae try and bring the subject up as subtly as possible. My friend went tae the square in Venice because of this story. She promptly burst into tears, it was just as if she could be the girl in the story and the girl she actually was reading bunty in her bedroom again. My friend was probably reading bunty
    between 1963 and 1969. She is about 63. She runs a home care company and does so very much for other people it would be amazing tae dae something for her. Oh, sorry but my name is Krista. I don’the have email so I am using my partners. He is getting interested in my search too now!

  21. If we assume that the lady is roughly 63 now, she will probably have been born in 1954. The earliest point therefore at which she is likely to have read her first BUNTY will have been in 1962, the fifth year of the comic’s life, but as Krista suggests, 1963 is more persuasive. If she read it religiously for the whole five-year period of her obligatory schooling, she will presumably have then moved on to some more age-appropriate reading matter. If we accept Krista’s assumption that she was reading BUNTY between 1963 and 1969, as I think we must, the story about Anne going to St. Mark’s Square in Venice, and bursting into tears on linking her immediate experience with the one she had felt years earlier when reading a story featuring that square in her BUNTY, the story that Krista is seeking must have appeared after 1962 but before 1970. I have spent quite a long time today searching through my BUNTY collection between the beginning of 1962 and the end of 1970 for just such a story. Despite having only 25 issues missing in that run, my search did not unearth such a story. In that 25 there are just six contiguous pairs (221 & 222 : 261 & 262 : 284 & 285 : 301 & 302 304 & 305 : 315 & 316). Unless someone else discovers it before tomorrow morning, I will look into the matter again, including 1961 (2 issues missing) and 1971 (no issues missing) to be on the safe side.

  22. My great uncle, Bruno Kleinzeller, (known professionally as ‘Peter Kay’) was an illustrator who worked on Mandy, M&J and many other girl comics for many years. Bruno was from Czechoslovakia where he worked painting movie posters and magazine illustration but left in the 1930s as Nazism gained power. He moved to England in the late 30s, settled down in Queens Club Gardens, London (near Charing Cross Hospital). I only have a few samples of his work, but it’s my understanding he did a lot of work for the companies which produced those girl’s comics.

    1. Do you have, Gina, or can you get, a list of all the serial stories and the completes that he drew for D.C. Thomsons’ girls’ papers?

  23. Insights can come upon one unexpectedly, in my case this evening drinking a glass of red wine while gazing into space. ‘Check the annuals’ was the unspoken message from heaven knows where. The story that Krista is seeking is ‘The Little Gondolier’, which can be found on pages 6 – 11 of BUNTY – THE BOOK FOR GIRLS for 1967. The girl’s name is Maria by the way, not Anne. It goes without saying that I am delighted to have been of help to Krista’s friend.

  24. A fortnight has gone by, I notice, since I posted the information that Tim Williams was requesting on behalf of Krista about the square in Venice story, without any thanks from him being received so far. As a consequence I will regrettably have to force myself to ignore all future time-consuming requests of a similar nature from anyone I don’t know. I do have a personal life to lead when all is said and done.

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