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StoriesIssue StartIssue EndYear
When the Mummy Walks....1101976
Damian Darke1271976
The Secret of Silver Star181976
The Haunting of Laura Lee1101976
“I Don't Want to be a Witch”1151976
Lonely Lucy1101976
The Dark Secret of Grimstone Grange9181976
Revenge of the Black Swan11191976
Sing a Song of Terror11201976
The Shop at Shudder Corner14211976
Poison Penny16261977
Cremond Hall21211977
A Turn of the Key Story21211977
Hetty in the House of Secrets22311977
Zodiac Girl22351977
Dangerous Days for the Tiny Taylors22341977
Beware the Mystery Dolls22321977
The Strange Ones23341977
Whatever Became of Betsy?27341977
Damian Darke29321977
The Shop at Shudder Corner32391977
A Turn of the Key Story33431977
Damian Darke35381977
Dark Days at Torloch Towers35411977
The Face of Romany Fortune36481977
No Cheer for Cheryl36491977
Cremond Castle38521977
Lyn Dean's Deadly Double39471977
Damian Darke40541977
Village of Fear42521977
“I Don't Want to be a Lady!”45561977
The Mask of Menace48561977
The Sea Witch53601977
The Ghost of Greystones53611977
A Turn of the Key Story55561977
Damian Darke57571977
The Mystery Birds of Mora57661977
Vengeance of Vampirene57651977
Neptune – Horse from the Deep58691977
The Outcast59691977
The Nine Lives of Kitty Foster61691977
Peril on Paradise Island61691977
Damian Darke66661977
Damian Darke68681977
Cremond Castle67691977
Lonely Lisa69691978

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